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This would be my advice about the night times in hospital - so please tell your hubby! If I was going through this again I would make sure that I told the nurses to wake me if they were going to give Maddy any medicine or do anything to her so that I could know exactly what they were doing. (I'm not talking about general obs) We had an "incident" where the nurse made a mistake and gave Maddy her antibiotic as an IV through her cannula rather than orally. I was woken up by Maddy's crying but it was too late it had already been done. There was an awful few moments when the nurse admitted her mistake but I had no idea whether she had given her something that would hurt her! Anyway it turned out to be the correct drug and the correct dose, the nurse just failed to notice that she was now having that drug orally. I am in the process of complaining to the hospital. I don't blame the nurse. There were 2 nurses on duty to cope with 9 patients just because it was a Sunday night. Medically there should be no difference to any other night when there were about 5 staff on duty. The only reason I can see for this is that it costs more money to employ staff on a Sunday night. One day a worse mistake might happen.
I'm not saying this to scare you. But you need to make sure she is getting the right treatment.

Rachie x
Like thinking a child is sleepy and breathing funny because of having surgery and being under the anaesetic for so long, when actually the child was drifting in and out of consciousness! good job mum and dad were there!
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