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Default Re: Insertion of growth rod

familiar story Rachie. Meg didn't want her pain killer so the nurse left it by the bed!!! told her to take it later. Then when she wanted some they wouldnt give it to her because the nurse had signed for it saying she had had it!!!!!! Needless to say both Meg and i were not happy bunnies, they gave her some in the end as she was crying. Hr later night shift and another nurse tries to give her more!!
It seemed like everytime Meg settled and got to sleep they woke her for something!

Also Megs puffers disappeared from the drugs cabinet!

ooooo lots of stories to tell from the pasts years!

Meg is under Mr Tucker too. Lovely man. Meg reckons he's tastey lol oh goodness me and she's only just 13!!

I've never left Meg slept on a chair even in ITU

Lv to all
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