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AlwaysRyan 25th May 2014 05:15 AM

It happened yesterday
After wanting this for so long, I finally had my fusion surgery yesterday. I had scheuerman's kyphosis at about 85 degrees, and my doctor informed me today that the curve is now between 45-50 degrees. I just want to thank you all so much for your support and I couldn't be more grateful to have found this web forum. I was fused from T3-L1 and currently am managing my pain at the hospital with a button I press when I need some medicine. Getting out of bed has to be the hardest part so far, and standing up felt pretty weird. I also got fitted/a mold done today for a brace.

I know that everyone is different, but does anyone have any pointers/advice for a quicker recovery or things to do while recovering that helped you?

Once again, thank you all so much :)


GillyG 25th May 2014 11:09 AM

Re: It happened yesterday
Wow! So pleased to hear you got your surgery at last! Recovery comes on in leaps and bounds once you become mobile. Frequent short walks are the key, gradually increasing the distance as you feel stronger and more able to do so. Good luck, please keep in touch :)

AhiGibor 26th May 2014 02:02 AM

Re: It happened yesterday
Hey man!! I am so jealous of you right now. I have 60 degress (Maybe more, the doctor said "about", didn't invest much in it) and can barley wear a t shirt :( - which i always need because it's alyways hot in here, never a real winter. I saw your other therads from the past and saw you have an 80 - 85 degree.. how did you made it man?? I am in 60 (And if you ask me its 65) and my back looks so horrible :( and i will proalby will never get a surgery because i need to be at least 70 and more, doctors are a pain in the ass here and i don't know what to do. Is there any chance you post your x ray images before and after?

KMaxwell 26th May 2014 02:23 AM

Re: It happened yesterday
Congrats on a successful surgery, Ryan!

I don't know if I can offer any suggestions - I'm at week 4 myself and still trying to sort out how much I can do and when to stop and get help from someone else. I guess my advice would be to master the log roll, wear the brace as directed and do your best not to bend, lift or twist. That last part's been hard for me but I want to get into better habits now to avoid accidental movements I shouldn't make - that's important since it's a critical time for my spine healing and fusing.

Best of luck with everything! I'd love to see pre/post op x-rays as well when you get them. Always great to see the changes.

JayMoe 26th May 2014 06:24 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
Great stuff to hear, was just thinking about you the other day as well and how you were getting on with sorting it all out, as i rarely look at the Kyphosis forum.

getting up and doing stuff has to be one of the top things. Even though walking is very difficult to do to start with, i managed to pick it up quickly, and within a few days, i was able to walk with the physios without having to hold onto them :) eating helps as well, and eating often, as you wouldnt believe how hungry you get when sitting all day doing nothing. Resting when you feel tired too, sleep for a few hours during the day if needed as that will help too. Also i think having a happy mind set about it helps too, as it makes you look to the good about it all, and you'll surprise yourself at what you can do if you say yes, to something instead of no i dont think i'll be able to do that.

Anways hope this helps with recovery, take it easy at first and you'll come in leaps and bounds in no time :)


AlwaysRyan 28th May 2014 09:21 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
Thank you all for your replies! Currently I'm still in the hospital and may get the chance to even go home today (even though I barely feel ready). Getting in and out of the beds here have been tough and hurt more than I ever imagined. I guess I didn't really expect the shoulder blade pain. I feel like I'm getting better at the log roll, and my doctor suggested wearing this new brace now as much as I can to make sure the new curve heals how we want it. I didn't realize that it could become messed up again even with metalwork back there now?

Did anyone else's back look a little swollen afterward for a while still? I know it may be just part of the bandage, but I just guess I'm being overly critical and scared of finding any little noticeable curve. Did anyone notice a curve at the their neck specifically?

Jay, you're definitely right about having the right mindset for this. I have to keep reminding myself that all of this pain will go away and that it'll be worth it :). I've also been pretty hungry, but I'm trying not to eat too much since I became a little constipated, and trying to force a bowel movement felt like the world was ending.

As for Ahi, it sounds like you're going through a pretty rough time, and I myself have experienced much mental anguish related to my back. But please hang in there and keep trying. My advice is to try what the doctors say, but also don't limit yourself to the opinions of only a couple of doctors. I know that everyone is different, and I do hope you find something that works for you. :)

I'll post the before and after pics as soon as I get the "after" x-rays. I asked my doctor for it, but he said it might be a little bit before he's able to get it to me. I really am anxious to see how it looks on the inside!

Oh and does anyone have any good suggestions when it comes it alternative medicine for pain relief. I definitely am going to continue my prescribed pain medications, but there was this woman who came into my room yesterday with essential oils and did the "healing touch" and it felt amazing. Anyone have any suggestions for alternative things that worked for them?

JayMoe 1st June 2014 03:19 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
Yes, the curve can go backwards a little, you might of heard of settling on here a few times and thats what it is, but its nothing to be to afraid of as its nothing drastic or to be feared as it happens to nearly everyone. But you will be swollen for a while after and so that will make things a little worse than they actually are. Give it a few weeks to go down and you'll see great improvements :) my swelling is only just starting to go, especially in my neck, which is great as its horrid there!

Great to hear that your head is in the right place. And i completely understand, try not going for about a week.... Try and take all the laxatives possible as they really do help to soften it all up. Do try and keep your strength up though as you'll need it as once you become mobile again, you use much more energy than you did pre-op. Hope your continuing to do well and hope to hear from you again soon :)


mark 2nd June 2014 03:12 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
congrats on your surgery

I hope you heal well, quickly and with as less pain as possible

Take care and don't try to do too much, it takes up to 18months for the fusion to take proper hold

relax and try to enjoy your recuperation

AlwaysRyan 5th June 2014 10:21 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
Thank you for the replies and the information! The pain has seemingly started to get better, which is definitely a plus. But the one major thing right now is that I just can't kick the constipation. I'm starting to get worried because the last time I went was may 28th, so it's been a little while. I've tried miralax, senna, magnesium citrate, and nothing is working. The only way they got me a tiny bit of relief on discharge day from the hospital was because they gave me a suppository. It wasn't very comfortable and didn't produce much relief. So I don't really know what to do from here :/

Rod Stewart 6th June 2014 02:36 AM

Re: It happened yesterday


Did you drink the whole 8oz bottle of magnesium citrate in one shot? You want to drink it quickly and chase with water.....I would try this with a bottle and a half, 12 ounces and see what happens.... Drink a lot of water.....Walking will also help. It takes a few hours.

I also had pedialyte for sipping after to help with depleted electrolytes after I went. You will feel completely wasted after the main event.

Hang in there


AlwaysRyan 16th June 2014 02:03 PM

Re: It happened yesterday
Thanks for your reply Rod! After more time passed by I finally was able to go. Now being a tiny bit active (walking like you said) I believe is also helping.

So now I've been experiencing chest pain since this operation, and I didn't expect it to last this long. It comes and goes, but it can become particularly bad at night. Anyone else experience ongoing chest pain after their fusion? I'm guessing because things are now realigned in my body, that there might have been stretching and my body just has to adjust still. I also suffer from a bit of pectus carinatum which may or may not play a part in this.

Other than that, things are going well. I'm trying to become more active, but the muscle pain is a bother. Things will get easier though. I've noticed a big improvement from now and after I first had the operation.

Oh and I will be posting the x ray and before & after pics after my one month appointment that is scheduled on June 30th.

Thank you everyone for your continuous help and support! :)

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