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Astra_Sam 6th May 2014 03:36 AM

Finally being fused :D
Well after almost four years of battling with my surgeon to list me for surgery he's finally agreed it's the best course of action due to my progressing curves and the issues they are causing. 4 years my lumbar curve was 35 degrees and my kyphosis at 60 degrees and now I'm sat here with a lumbar curve of 55 degrees, lordosis at 79 degrees, thoracic curve at 35 degrees and an 85 degree kyphosis. Quite some progression eh!
He told me he's doing it to not only stop the curves but to slow my chances of bad arthritis as it's inevitable within the next few years. Also I'm having bladder issues, my reflexes are crazy, pain is everywhere and I had a positive hoffmans test so I have to go for nerve conduction tests too due to no upper lesions on scans.
Luckily my cervical spine is better than though so it's hoped to come into alignment by itself but I won't know how big my fusion will be until my pre op. The registrar is happy to not fuse to my sacrum but my surgeon is saying otherwise due to stability being poor in that area so who knows lol.

So here goes the countdown....and finally I feel relieved to kind of see a small flicker of light and the end of a very long tunnel ;)
Hope you're all well!
Sam xx

KMaxwell 7th May 2014 05:42 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D
To me surgery sounds like the best option if your kyphosis is at 85 degrees and is progressively getting worse. I'm glad to hear you've gotten it approved as you wanted. Hope all goes well for you on the journey!

GillyG 7th May 2014 08:31 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D
Glad to hear things are moving forward at last Sam!

mark 7th May 2014 10:12 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D
Hi Sam

Really pleased to hear that you have finally had to stop banging your head against a brick wall. Its just a shame they didnot prevent progress at an earlier opportunity, perhaps then you wouldn't be suffering from so many other stuff

Astra_Sam 9th May 2014 09:54 PM

Re: Finally being fused :D
I know it sucks that they make you get to such a state before finally agreeing it's for the best that they operate! They told me it's because they've such a back log that they're holding off on operating on people! The waiting list was 9 months when I first began being treated by my consultant and it's jumped to 2 years currently! 6 months ago me and Ian decided to start trying to have a baby too as we're both 30 now and I began worrying if it will ever be possible if I continued to hold off starting a family whilst waiting for my surgeon to finally give in and operate. As it's gone I've not managed to get pregnant yet but now I'm left wondering could I cope if I did have a baby before the surgery and missing out on part if his / her life while I'm recovering from the operation or do I wait until after I'm healed and hope I can still be in a position to conceive and carry a pregnancy by which time I'll likely be past mid 30's...such a difficult decision to have to make! We've decided to let nature tell us if it's meant to be and my GP has been really supportive in saying they'll help us if we're deciding to hold off until after I'm healed due to my age by then. Decisions decisions.... :mope:

Sam xx

GillyG 10th May 2014 11:41 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D
I didn't have my two lads until I was 33 and 36 respectively. I wasn't fused at that point though and I'm pretty sure the pregnancies hastened my progression.

Astra_Sam 12th May 2014 03:28 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D
That's another be honest I think we'd be better to wait ;)
I'm still uncertain if I'm ok in that area of things currently due to a few issues I've been experiencing so my GP has arranged some tests and for me to have an mot to see if I'm all ok as I took the contraceptive pill for 12 years prior to stopping it back in October in perpetration for my knee operation :)

Sam xx

burdle 12th May 2014 11:10 AM

Re: Finally being fused :D

When you had your knee problems - were they dealt with by the same consultant?. I ask because I have an acute injury to one of my chronic knees but it is being dealt with by a completely different consultant who doe not know I have scoliosis.

I am worried that the on going problems are exacerbated by the scoliosis and that they should be factored in etc.

Astra_Sam 12th May 2014 02:28 PM

Re: Finally being fused :D
A different consultant did my knee who specialised in knee surgery. He knew my full history though. During surgery he discovered that I have I have patella maltracking due to my gait meaning that the cartilage on the back of my patella had softened, blistered and started to wear uneven, also on my thigh bone. It had also caused far pad impingement hence why my knee was so painful. He said women are more probe to it due to the way our hip flexors and quads are angled thanks to our hips and that gait issues exasperate the problem thus pulling your patella out of true alignment. My patella still maltracks around 4mm off it should following surgery and 7 months on it now pops out sometimes which was always going to be an issue but I'll live with it until I'm old enough to only need new knees once! My right knee is starting to go the sane way now! He did tell me the surgery could stop the problems for years or even as little for a few months and very rightly it started up only 3 months after I'd had the surgery. It doesn't impact my life really though and I've learnt to live with it so far as it's still far less pain than before! ;)

Sam xx

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