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Bee82 5th May 2014 09:54 AM

herniated disc help!
I was wondering has anyone else had herniated disc's in there lumber spine s1 to l5 before? How can I relieve my pain I have lyrica but it isn't doing anything for the pain in my lower back from the herniation I take targin mobic and lyrica some times I don't know what to do and my appointment with a specialist hasn't been sent to me yet I'm getting really frustrated ��I take hot baths which help for a little while and I use a hot rice bag but I don't know what else to do. Along with my back pain it's all so painful I could cry and no one understands what I'm feeling or going through. ��

GillyG 5th May 2014 09:24 PM

Re: herniated disc help!
Ooo nasty :( You could try getting your GP to switch you to Gabapentin if you think it's nerve pain. It's basically similar to Lyrica but some people get better results with one than the other.

Bee82 6th May 2014 04:49 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Oh ok thanks it's not the nerve pain anymore it's just really sore where the disc's have herniated.

Rod Stewart 6th May 2014 07:25 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Hi Bee

Just wanted to chime in and say Hi and am so sorry about this kyphosis situation you are in.....

I had 4 lumbar herniationís starting in 2002 and 2 cervical last year that decided to remind me about all the fun I forgot about....thatís the problem successful scoliosis surgery, you find out that the rest of everything else falls apart....ahhh...getting old now...

For herniationís I was never prescribed opoids. I used Celebrex, Naproxen, Bextra (Blacklisted now) and Diclofenac which is goof stuff.....I tried Gabapentin and didnít like it.
Opoids only for surgical recovery, thatís a different story....

Medrol pack.....oral steroids. 6 day program....Worked well.

I also used hot water soaks, massage, ocean therapy, scuba diving, VAX-D, Osteopathy, and Chiro, which is useless for herniationís.... Traction yes, and no. Been used since Hippocrates, and we still donít have a clue....Modulus of elasticity?....Sometimes, I guess. The body is complicated.

My 4 lumbar herniationís in a 70 degree lumbar curve eventually drove me to surgery. It was a long battle.

I take it your in Australia.....If so, can you travel anywhere in Australia to see another surgeon? Just wondering....


KaraNicole1992 6th May 2014 07:31 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Bee I'm sorry u have a herniated disc
Oh by the way gilly Gabapentin is a elipecy medication

GillyG 6th May 2014 07:36 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Indeed it is Kara, but it is also used for other conditions, in particular nerve pain, it's just different doses that they give you depending on what it is needed for :)

KaraNicole1992 6th May 2014 07:38 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Really I never now that.

Bee82 6th May 2014 08:26 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Yes it can be used for nerve pain I've looked it up. Thank you so much for your replies Thank you Rod I have scoliosis and kyposis I had bulging disc's now they have herniated last year I had sciatica now I have herniation which might require surgery. I am in australia I will have to just wait for my appointment.

Bee82 6th May 2014 11:30 PM

Re: herniated disc help!
The specialist also said my scoliosis and everything else wasn't bad enough to have surgery I have scoliosis kyposis bulging disc's which are now herniated.

Bee82 11th July 2014 07:23 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
My leg pain has now gone from my herniated disc's so no more sciatica but my lower back is so sore and it seems to be getting worse I don't know what to do as the hospital hasn't made me an appointment yet and my back medication isn't helping a lot for my herniation.

GillyG 11th July 2014 10:05 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
I think you need to chase them up Bee, you shouldn't be left in pain like this :(

Bee82 11th July 2014 10:18 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Thanks this hospital is very slack and it takes ages to get an appointment like last time it took 6 months or more I think it will be the same this time around also :-(

Bee82 18th July 2014 01:35 PM

Re: herniated disc help!
Can anyone suggest what I can do just standing for twenty minutes is absolutely killing my back I can't walk to go and rest I am so sick of this pain and I'm sick of waiting for an appointment yet again!!! 😭

Rod Stewart 19th July 2014 03:29 AM

Re: herniated disc help!

If your hospital and or doctor is ďslackĒ, I would move on somehow. Jen had a full fusion done in Brisbane, and she is very happy. You might want to contact her. Tell her Ed referred you, she is great at support and is in the Brisbane area. She is also on NSF and the Australia scoliosis forum.

I know I was prepared to move if need be, its just one of those things we have to think about if we want or need something done. I was in a town with no scoliosis surgeon years ago and was prepared to move to San Francisco for surgery. I didnít have to move because my surgeon ended up in Reno. Nice to know that scoliosis awareness is there and the docs know that they need to spread out wide....Regular orthoís do not cut the mustard, they have to be speciality trained in scoliosis and deformity surgery.

In the meanwhile, try hot soaks and laying down often....I see the sciatica has quelled and herniationís do heal themselves slowly, but they are a never ending problem. You have a nice kyphosis, and your neck is probably hurting. Any arm tingling happening? If so thatís your neck.

Hang in there, take it slow.


Bee82 19th July 2014 05:07 AM

Re: herniated disc help!
Who is Jen? I am in Australia the specialist in my local hospital are slack and I can't go to a private 1 as it cost a lot of money I waited over a year to just get my scoliosis and kyhposis checked out they didn't even mention my khyposis at all or seem worried I do get numbness in my right arm with tingling and pins and needles I'm just over the pain I take hot baths which helps for the night but in the day I'm in pain all day long I do get a little bit of a sore neck also I know my sciatica pain is gone but my back pain is not! I just want to be pain free

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