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Ellenlouise 22nd April 2014 01:58 AM

School with a brace
I need some advice. I'm going to be wearing my brace in school and just want to know how will it affect me? I mean like, will my brace make it awkward for me to sit on the chairs or lean forward to write during tests etc? Also moving around school, what would you guys advise, do you think I should get a early leave pass so I leave lessons like 2 minutes early so I won't get pushed and shoved- my school does have quite alot of people in. Or maybe a card which enables me to leave a classroom for a few minutes if my brace starts to irratate me- this might allow me to calm down if I get annoyed/upset and fix my brace (I don't really won't everyone to know just yet).

I don't know what to do my teachers have said they will do whatever I want. I know if I do get anything 'special' I wouldn't take advantage of it. What do you guys think??

Ellen x

CamelHumpHipChick 24th April 2014 05:16 AM

Re: School with a brace
I wore a brace to school for about a year and a half. I was fine being shoved around in the crowded halls, if anything, it was I who injured others (and not vice versa) due to their bumping into my hard "armor" :D I would take hall passes to adjust it though. And if you can loosen it during lunchtime (or find a place to keep it while it's off, but I was always a bit embarrassed to ask that) it would help lots as it compresses the stomach and can get quite uncomfortable. Or take a short break in the bathroom after eating.
For my first year with it, I always wore clothes on top except at home. But when I got to high school I decided, eh I won't put anything on top. I felt a bit self concious like people were staring at me the first day, but not as bad as I expected. People did ask a lot of questions, and I was ok with that. I kind of liked it actually. Some people thought it was a fashion statement, which I found amusing. My friends and I made jokes about it. Some days I still wore it under, other days it was fun to build my outfit around it. (it was a blue zebra print brace) I began to wonder why I used to be so self conscious about it. It was really quite liberating to have it as a natural extension of me and people weren't awkward about it. I'm not saying you have to wear it openly every day, just don't be ashamed about it or hide it. Try it our sometime, maybe go to the grocery store and you'll get a few cute, curious kids asking you questions and wanting to knock on it. :)

nerak 24th April 2014 12:49 PM

Re: School with a brace

I had a brace quite a few years ago now but I asked for a large locker so that I could store my brace in there if I needed to take it off. All my teachers were aware of what was going on so if I needed to take a bit of extra time they were considerate.

You may also need help putting it on after sports - one of my teachers was 'trained' in putting the brace back on after sport!! You will get used to wearing it quickly and it will soon get easier. I think you'll find you are more robust with it on than off!!

love Karenxxx

Ellenlouise 25th April 2014 09:46 PM

Re: School with a brace
Thanks for the help. Things are going ok so far ;)
Ellen xx

Momhelp 27th April 2014 06:34 AM

Re: School with a brace
Hi Ellen, how's it going for you now, any better?

Ellenlouise 3rd May 2014 01:08 AM

Re: School with a brace
Yes thanks it is starting to go better. I have good days and bad days/nights with my brace. But I do have one problem and that's going to the toilet especially in school. But with a medical card which allows me to leave class to fix my brace etc it is easier and less awkward as no other girls are in there except my friend who help me get my brace on and off.
Today I had a massage on my back- this actually helped and made my back feel relaxed- I highly reccomend a massage for anyone with a brace ;)
Thanks for asking:squeeze:,
Ellen xx

azurecrimsonrose 5th May 2014 11:18 PM

Re: School with a brace
I wore a brace in middle school and my first year of high school. Mine was the Copes Scoliosis Dynamic brace. It was a hard plastic brace with air pockets that the staff would fill up when I went for appointments almost every three months. My brace limited me a bit. If I was sitting down and wearing the brace, if I would bend down to pick up something, the brace would press on my legs and immediately cut off circulation. I also had lung problems not related to the scoliosis and the brace made that issue worse and decreased my lung capacity. I did not get teased or bullied about the brace. Some kids at my high school were curious about it and asked what it was. Without knowing what kind of brace you have, it is difficult to know if you would have any limitations. The materials my brace was made out of were what made me have problems with it.

One thing I would recommend is see if your teachers would be willing to let you borrow some of their extra text books, particularly heavy ones, so that you have extras at home. That way, you do not have to carry extra books and make your back worse. Then, you would return the books at the end of the year. My family and I made arrangements with my high school to have an extra history textbook at my house, so that I did not have to carry extra books and make my back worse.

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