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jnt 22nd November 2013 01:05 PM

Clear scoliosis institute ny usa
has anyone had any experience with the Clear Scoliosis Institute in New York? Please respond with any thoughts you have on the subject.

BeckyH 22nd November 2013 11:14 PM

Re: Clear scoliosis institute ny usa
hi jnt,

i believe Clear is a programme of chiropractic treatment, rather than a medical scoliosis treatment practice, so if you were looking into attending, i would advise remaining under the care of a scoliosis specialist doctor at the same time, so that they could monitor things. my personal stance is that chiropractic treatments will not fully correct a scoliosis, as it's a structural condition and these treatments are, sadly, not aggressive enough (i wish a less-aggressive treatment had a permanent effect, but unfortunately for larger and progressing curves, surgery is currently the only effective option), and require lifelong dedication to maintain any correction achieved.

these sorts of treatments can help with pain management for some patients though, it just depends what you're looking for and what would be best in your case. i certainly think to travel from ireland and have treatment would be very costly, so i would thoroughly research whether this is right for you prior to attending.

tonibunny 22nd November 2013 11:25 PM

Re: Clear scoliosis institute ny usa
I have no direct experience of the treatments the Clear Institute provides, but I have always felt uncomfortable about the way they have always seemed to focus upon the negatives of surgery rather than promoting how and why their treatment is effective. And as Becky says, Chiropractors are not MDs, however skilled they feel they are - here in the UK they would not be allowed to use the title of Dr in a medical context.

I recommend that you do a lot of research before paying out a great deal of money for something that is - I think - as yet an unproven treatment. Maybe the Clear Institute has published articles in peer reviewed medical journals (not just chiro ones) recently, I dont know.

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