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User Name Posts Reverse Sort Order Avatar BiographyLocationInterestsOccupationWhat type of spinal curvature?What curve pattern?Had surgery?Worn a brace?Been cast?
mark Mod with a rod (or two) 14,236 mark's Avatar pretty simple really all i need is a nice shiraz, my hi fi, good food, friends and some choice tunesSouth Shields via BradfordHi FI, music, my family, the 1970s and my cameraHealth and Safety InspectorScheuermann's KyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis without scoliosisAnterior/Posterior surgery in one surgery  
Mustang Sal Marvellous Moderator 6,607 Mustang Sal's Avatar Hello! I'm Sally from not so sunny Norfolk!NorwichReading, cooking, travelling, art, theatreOffice slave :o)Congenital ScoliosisOther type of curve pattern (tell us more below!)More than one surgery at different times(tell us more in the next field)No braceCasting for other reasons
madmclw SSO Scavenger Queen 3,205 madmclw's Avatar  Kent, SE EnglandGirlguiding, Rock Climbing!Student, also visitor services assistant at Girlguiding UKAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisSingle thoracolumbarPosterior surgeryNo brace 
Marti OrangeL 1,917            
MOB OrangeL 1,338    Dublin Legal ClerkAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisSingle lumbarMore than one surgery at different times(tell us more in the next field)TLSO brace (eg Boston brace), Post-op TLSOCasting after Harrington rod surgery
MargaretMBradley OrangeL 739 MargaretMBradley's Avatar I joined because I need as much information and support as possible!New Lenox, IL USADogs and HorsesCan't work now...Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary thoracolumbar with one or more compensatory curvesMore than one surgery at different times(tell us more in the next field)TLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
magnumlady BlueL 704   I'm a wife and mum, always taking photos.Irelandphotography KyphosisOther kyphosis with scoliosisPosterior surgeryOther 
Mike BlueD 636 Mike's Avatar  East Angular Undervalued, salary decreasing NHS minion.Other    
MemmaLou Member 616 MemmaLou's Avatar I'm Emma and I'm currently studying Health Psychology (MSc) at the University of Nottingham.NottinghamSinging, reading, listening to music, swimming, and karate.Student and part time support worker.Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisSingle thoracolumbarAnterior surgeryNo brace 
moneyblind SSO Superman 504 moneyblind's Avatar United States Air Force; 21 Years Old, and feeling older :PFlorida, United StatesBusiness, Real Estate, Sales, InvestingPower Production, USAFKyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis with scoliosisNo surgeryNo brace 
Mrs P BlueL 427            
Moira OrangeL 370 Moira's Avatar Mum, wife, daughter, friend....Sussex, Englandcooking and eating!Self-employedAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisOther kyphosis with scoliosisAnterior/Posterior staged surgery  
Maggie RedL 329            
markalawton Mischief maker ;P 305   I live with my finance (lol) Hannah, I have 2 kids Fynn whos 9 and Anya whos 4BirminghamI love trance music Kind of obsessed with the Joker, love tattoo's, Love nature and animalsCredit Controler for NpowerScheuermann's KyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis without scoliosisNo surgeryNo brace 
mrschaudt Surgery Success Story 243 mrschaudt's Avatar 28 year old who is just living life to it's fullest! :)Peoria, Arizona 5-8 grade special education teacherScheuermann's KyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis without scoliosisPosterior surgeryNo brace 
madmum Teenager at heart! 165 madmum's Avatar I am a married mum of two teenage sons it is my eldest son who has scoliosis.Camberley, SurreyMusic, gigs, reading, travel, keep fit and body combat.Am a huge Muse and Lostprophets fan.Part time community midwife.Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisSingle thoracolumbarAnterior/Posterior surgery in one surgeryPost-op other 
Mandy OrangeL 149            
M.Magudulela OrangeL 146            
mamfie007 Mamfie007 145    ENGLANDComedy (TV) Summer- Ad hoc Surfing, Winter Ski-ing and SnowboardingSki- Bum Canada , and in UK HR RecruiterAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisSingle thoracicMore than one surgery at different times(tell us more in the next field)Post-op otherCasting after Harrington rod surgery
Mrs. Krier OrangeL 144   29 Year old mother of 2.Salina KansasAnything outdoors!Hair dresser and mommyAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorPosterior surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
Maxmyfriend1 OrangeD 140    HertfordshireFishing, bikingFarm workerKyphosis  No brace 
mistakendrop OrangeD 137 mistakendrop's Avatar m age 23 current curve last measured at 81coloradoworking out, rapping, education. KyphoscoliosisScheuermann's kyphosis with scoliosisPosterior surgeryNo brace 
Mari42 Orange 132    Oklahoma, USAview my blog at Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary thoracic with one or more compensatory curvesPosterior surgeryNo brace 
Maryb BlueL 90   Mum to Andrea age 15DublinHorse riding, walking, readingAdministrationAdolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Posterior surgeryNo brace 
michaelsmum BlueL 83 michaelsmum's Avatar          
macky OrangeL 82 macky's Avatar  Launceston Tasmaniareading, computer OtherPrimary thoracic with one or more compensatory curvesAnterior/Posterior surgery in one surgery Casting after Harrington rod surgery
missamylou OrangeL 63 missamylou's Avatar Hi, I am Amy, I developed Scoliosis at 13 , Officially diagnosed at 23Leicestershire Self employedAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisOther type of curve pattern (tell us more below!)No surgeryNo brace 
Marlowe BlueL 60            
Mum to Laura, age 13 BlueL 56   Daughter with scoliosisBuckinghamshire  Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis  No brace 
Marcilo OrangeD 55            
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