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User Name Posts Reverse Sort Order Avatar BiographyLocationInterestsOccupationWhat type of spinal curvature?What curve pattern?Had surgery?Worn a brace?Been cast?
Kayla SSO Brat! <3 2,717       Congenital Scoliosis  TLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
Kaja OrangeL 1,457       KyphoscoliosisDouble majorMore than one surgery at different times(tell us more in the next field)No brace 
KentOK Surgery Survivor! 553 KentOK's Avatar  Oklahoma, USAReading, singing, playing piano, sleeping, hanging out with friends, my precious dogsUniversity student/Part-time workerScheuermann's KyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis with scoliosisNo surgeryNo brace 
KMaxwell Member 409 KMaxwell's Avatar  Washington StateCaring for my rescue birds, trying microbrews with my guy, old musicals & sci-fi movies, tattoosDesk job at a medical officeScheuermann's KyphosisScheuermann's kyphosis with scoliosisPosterior surgeryMilwaukee brace 
kidz taxi BlueL 379       Congenital Scoliosis    
kezpet Mr Lehovsky's no1 fan 332 kezpet's Avatar 34 year old, diagnosed at 15, double curve, under the care of Mr Lehovsky @ StanmoreReading  Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorAnterior/Posterior staged surgeryPost-op TLSO 
Kazzimo Adult 326    South WestSwimming, reading, cycling and yoga. Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary thoracic with one or more compensatory curvesNo surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace), Post-op other 
Kentish OrangeD 313 Kentish's Avatar  Rochester, Kent, England  KyphoscoliosisOther kyphosis with scoliosisAnterior/Posterior surgery in one surgeryMilwaukee brace 
KaraNicole1992 Kara 270 KaraNicole1992's Avatar I'm Kara. Im a huge angry birds fan. I love differnt types of history but US History is my specialityUkiah CaliforniaReading about history, Playing Angry Birds Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorPosterior surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace)Casting for other reasons
Kwstar Horse Lover <3 193 Kwstar's Avatar I am 19 years old   Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisOther type of curve pattern (tell us more below!)No surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
kiri15 RedL 171    KentDrama, Singing, Dancing, Playing guitar, Visiting Spain :)Currently looking for a job :PAdolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis No surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
Kimdim BlueL 145    Irvine Scotland       
kay Senior Member 134            
kytch OrangeL 112   no surgery diagnosed 1974LondonTwinsLocation Assistant/ScoutAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorNo surgeryNo brace 
katherinejustine OrangeL 70 katherinejustine's Avatar 24 years old, dealing with congenital kyphoscoliosis after surgery of a fusion of T4-L1The Midwestknitting, cooking, reading, discoveringHigh school science teacherKyphoscoliosisOther kyphosis with scoliosisPosterior surgerySpineCor 
KogepanGirl RedL 65            
Kylie RedL 60   im 14, had surgery august 26, 08oregon,USAsoftball, volleyballstudentAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorPosterior surgeryTLSO brace (eg Boston brace) 
Kelly Y OrangeL 56    New ZealandI love sport like soccer, tennis, surfing and runningPart-time in a FloristAdolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisDouble majorPosterior surgeryNo brace 
KittyPrincess RedL 53 KittyPrincess's Avatar Had surgery on 21st June 2011, got most of my spine fused.UKAnime, cats, animals, nature, drawing, dancingHigh school! :)Kyphoscoliosis Anterior/Posterior surgery in one surgeryNo brace 
Karenphillips BlueL 53            
kathyshearz OrangeL 51    stanstedswimming, seeing my friends, going to gigs & im a fully qualified brownie leader and i love it!legal cashier  No surgeryNo brace 
Karina OrangeL 51 Karina's Avatar Creative with too many interests! Psychology graduate with HND in Fine Art & burlesque performer!Near Glasgow, ScotlandArts and crafts, burlesque, cabaret, vintage and retro fashion and homewares, make up, collectingCustomer assistant just now. But wannabe art therapist/counselling psychologist.Infantile Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary thoracic with one or more compensatory curvesNo surgeryMilwaukee braceSerial casting for infantile/juvenile scoliosis
Kar09 OrangeL 45       Juvenile Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary thoracolumbar with one or more compensatory curvesAnterior/Posterior staged surgeryMilwaukee brace 
kalli OrangeL 42    Wokingham  Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisPrimary lumbar with one or more compensatory curvesPosterior surgeryNo brace 
katy21 OrangeL 41            
Kelmisty OrangeL 36            
Karen44 BlueL 33   Mum to a daughter aged 14 with Scoliosis.WorcestershireSwimming, Pilates and cyclingTeaching Assistant     
Katherine66 BlueL 32   Alexandra (my daughter)WarwickshireRiding, Skiing, Pop music, dancing Congenital ScoliosisSingle lumbarAnterior/Posterior surgery in one surgery Casting for other reasons
kypho Steven 30   I"m an adult with kyphoscoliosis.spondylolisthises in L5,compression fr in L1maanything outdoors,ham radio KyphoscoliosisOther kyphosis with scoliosisNo surgeryMilwaukee brace 
katienew new member 26   mum to 8month old son Alex who was scoliosis. Also have a daughter Layla 2 and half..healthy.nottingham sales assisantCongenital Scoliosis No surgeryNo brace 
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