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About gabriellemc90
I'm Gabrielle. I'm 4'10" (should be around 5'5"). and I'm what you might call a miracle.
Ohio, USA.
Science. Anthropology.
Student at U of A.
Scoliosis History

A few fields to allow you to share some of your scoliosis history if you want to.

What type of spinal curvature?:
Congenital Scoliosis
Diagnosis Details:
"Congenital structural scoliosis and vertebral and rib anomalies" is the official explanation I tell everyone.
Mom tried to miscarry at 8 weeks (when the vertebral column forms). Diagnosed a day or so after I was born.
Fused ribs. Hemivertebrae, fused and partial vertebrae and a combo. Doctors didn't think I would walk. However, at 9 months I walked. =)
What curve pattern?:
Single thoracolumbar
Curve Pattern Details:
C on right side. Pre-op about 34 Post-op about 28, though that was about 18 years ago.
Had surgery?:
Posterior surgery
Surgery Details:
Spinal fusion/autograft (from my hip) at 16 months of age- basically to prevent kyphosis. Fun times.
Worn a brace?:
TLSO brace (eg Boston brace)
Bracing Details:
Wore braces until ~9 years old. Also fun times.
Been cast?:
Casting for other reasons
Casting Details:
After surgery.


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