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6th April 2010, 07:41 PM
My daughter is 6 and got her brace (Boston) last week. She complains that it hurts on her side and it's true that there is a pinkish/red spot after she has been wearing it awhile but I'm thinking she just needs to get used to it and it has to hurt a little to be doing it's job?

6th April 2010, 08:25 PM
Hiya Janiesmom, welcome to SSO :welcome2:

Braces are often very uncomfortable at first, and take some getting used to, but they shouldn't be outright painful. I'm guessing that Janie may be kicking up a fuss because she doesn't want to wear it at all, but stay firm - hopefully she'll get used to it soon! DO keep an eye on the red patch; it's normal to have these because the brace is designed to exert pressure at certain points, but occasionally they can become sore and cause problems.

What is she wearing underneath the brace? That can have a bearing on comfort.

Toni xx

6th April 2010, 11:42 PM
Hi, and welcome to the forum. Like Toni said it probably is just a point where there is extra pressure. As long as it only looks a little pink, I'm sure it's just a matter of her skin 'toughening up', so to speak. Is she wearing a cotton bodysuit under her brace? This can help a lot with the comfort level, as Toni said. Again welcome. Lu

7th April 2010, 07:48 AM
I hear you! and it's hard! My daughter is 7 and got her first brace a couple weeks ago. We are almost up to the 22/23 hrs. a day. It's really hard to watch her uncomfortable and hurting (sometimes) and know that I really can't do anything for her, well, except encourage her to keep going.

One thing our orthotist told us is that if there is a red/pinkish spot, it should disappear within about 20 to 30 min. when the brace is removed. If not, then it probably is pushing a little too much. We were also told to rub rubbing alcohol on her skin to toughen it up. I haven't tried this yet. We see her orthotist tomorrow for him to check the brace now that she is wearing it a lot more.

Something I have to do for me, just as much as her, is keep her busy. We have done more play dates with friends and have taken her out more and played more games lately- to keep her mind off her brace and when it's hurting. When she says it's uncomfortable or bugging her (sometimes hurting) I ask her something, or if she wants to play a game or go for a walk or just about anything to get her busy. This is how I can find out if it's a "real" hurt or an uncomfortable one.

Good luck! It sounds like you are just starting this journey, as are we.


7th April 2010, 08:19 AM
Gentle hugs to the both of you and your families

7th April 2010, 12:50 PM
I have still have marks on my skin years after getting out of the brace. My mother put methylated spirits on my pressure points; the theory was it would harden the skin up.

7th April 2010, 06:20 PM

I was told to rub surgical spirit on the pressure points to harden the skin - although that was nearly twenty years ago!!!

The brace is uncomfortable but worth it in the long term.
love Karenxxx

13th April 2010, 04:11 PM
Sorry to reply so late. I recall having problerms with my brace for the first 2 weeks because my sweat was making the brace rub against my skin and make it feel very sore. I had red blisters, I recall. So my mum would put baby power on me before I put the brace on. It really helped. I was living in Central America in 90 degree heat (and the brace did not stop me running outside and playing) so sweat was a huge factor but even when I went somewhere cool in North America I would sweat because of the central heating. So be warned that sweat can really make areas sore.