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9th December 2009, 01:26 AM
I was just wondering if there are adults that are on this site that are using a SpineCor (or any other type) of brace. I know that it is a *very* controversial treatment, especially in adults but I am curious about anything that could help me.

I am 25 and have a 40-ish degree curve in the thoracic-lumber region and suffer a lot of pain from it. My GP has tried referring me to various scoliosis specialists, and all of them refused to see me (they are too busy to see non-surgical cases). Basically I was told I have to wait until my curve progresses to be able to see a specialist, but my pain is too severe for me to work already. I would like to avoid surgery at all costs, so the idea of bracing appeals to me.

Is there any evidence that SpineCor works on adults? Are there any places that deal with SpineCor in Ontario? Do I need a referral from a doctor to get one, or are the clinics open to anyone? I really don't want to travel.

Thank you!

9th December 2009, 01:31 AM
Hi Heatherette,

Mamamax is an adult who is currently using a Spinecor for pain relief, and she is very satisfied with it :) I'm sure she'll be along soon to answer any questions you have.

Good luck!

Toni xx

9th December 2009, 04:35 AM
Hi Heather ~

I'm 60 years old and have been bracing with Spincor since April of this year. When I began treatment in April my curvatude (a word i made up) was Thoracic 42 Right - 57 Thoracolumbar Left. Immediate in brace correction at fitting of 29/51. Last month my out of brace xray (at 6 months) was: 38/46

So - that's encouraging, I think.

More encouraging is the change in quality of life. Before bracing I was in extreme pain waking up first thing in the morning - that is gone and overall pain levels are greatly reduced allowing me more activity than before.

Spinecor bracing for adults is new and controversial in some circles - the providers I see have close to five years of experience with bracing adults and I include my orthopedic specialist in my treatment - he in fact wrote the prescription for the brace. A fellow member at NSF, closer to your age and curvatude started bracing about a month after me. I met her at one of my office visits and she also shares similar reports to mine.

Here is the Spinecor website that will give you a list of certified providers in Canada. I don't know which one's may treat adults. http://www.spinecorporation.com/English/index.htm

Best of luck to you and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. :)

10th December 2009, 07:44 AM
Hello Mamamax! Thanks for the the reply. It sounds like SpineCor is working out really well for you. Your results really do sound encouraging!

I have a couple of questions:

How often do you wear the brace? Is the treatment the same for adults as it is for children? I can't find a lot of information on adult bracing.

Since adults primarily use the brace for pain relief, does that mean you need to wear it indefinitely and not just for a couple of years? And will the curve go right back to where it was before bracing? Will it cause core weakness when/if you decide to stop wearing the brace?

Do regular clothes (jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.) fit over it, or are you stuck in leggings or sweats and loose tops? One of the reasons I am considering the brace is to be able to work, and not many places of employment count sweats as office attire!

Thank you!

10th December 2009, 01:07 PM
Hi Heather - To be able to continue working was also a major factor in my decision to brace. From what I am hearing from other adult patients in the same situation (pain) - so far, those that I have spoken with all relate the same experience I had at fitting - immediate pain relief.

I wear the brace about 10-13 hours a day. Two year protocol is the same for both adolescents and adults (with my provider), treatment goals are different but results are looking promising. My providers have been bracing adults since 2005, here is a study/oral presentation from them: http://scoliosisjournal.com/content/2/S1/S23

Will I wear the brace for only two years, occasionally afterwards, or indefinitely? Those questions I can't answer till I get there - each spine being so unique. Will curvature return to pre treatment levels once I am weaned out of brace? Again, I don't know. If I end up needing to wear the brace occasionally -- I'll consider my treatment a huge success. For now, to have pain levels manageable, is enough for me.

Are you familiar with the McLean's article? Was written by a mom whose son completed Spinecor treatment as a young adult. I've corresponded with her and she says her son uses it occasionally when physical exertion causes pain. This article is also found on the manufacturer's web site under News: http://www.macleans.ca/science/health/article.jsp?content=20080123_55198_55198

Will it cause core weakness when/if you decide to stop wearing the brace? This brace is a PRB (Postural rehabilitation brace) and is designed to actually increase muscle strength where there is weakness. Recent bracing studies suggest that exercise may be key to maintaining any brace correction achieved. So I think in the long term exercise (specific to scoliosis) may prove valuable, but I certainly don't know. I plan to follow up at Schroth clinic when I retire.

Clothing has not been a real issue and most do not know I wear a brace unless I tell them. Of course, pain levels prior to treatment already had me wearing loose fitting clothing.

I think two things are important in deciding upon this treatment in order to achieve and document the best results possible. (1) a fully certified provider and (2) include an orthopedic specialist in the treatment plan if at all possible.

Hope this helps.