View Full Version : Anyone have suggestions on excercises to help a fused spine?

16th November 2009, 10:02 AM
I was in physical therapy for five years with various therapists (we moved so each one about a year) they each did different but equally unsuccessful things even though I always stuck with it. Does anyone know of specific exercises that help with general flexibility and stretching that are fairly gentle? I'm fused from top to bottom and have arthritis and limited movement of the low back/hip and my neck was injured in a car accident because of the spine being fused (it got thrown forward then back with greater force than is normally seen). I do yoga and that seems to help quite a bit but is there anything else you guys can think of that may offer some relief?

17th November 2009, 11:05 PM
Perhaps something like a functional restoration programme may be of benefit, if you can get on one, you are assessed, and then put forward for a level suitable for what you can do and how you can progress. I am on one at the moment which does have some benefit particularly with getting movement through gentle stretching, light exercise and hydrotherapy. The programme is designed for you to continue after the course ends. Although I am on a course for relatively mobile people, there is another course running at the same time for wheelchair bound, limb amputee's and limited mobility patients so it really has something for everyone. If you are interested, discuss it with either your consultant or your gp and they should be able to let you know what is happening in your area.