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5th December 2004, 12:29 AM
Hey everyone, ok sorry but i seem to just vent all the time, and complain, and your all prob sick of me....(*oooh look Abbi is complaining....again) so yeah sorry.
But i think my back has got worse....cos right well I dunno if you guys can feel ur curve...but i can, when i sit down. and well i feel it from time to time, and well it just feels curver....(dunno if that makes sense) my mum also thinks its got worse, cos I was trying on clothes, and she looked at my back, and was like your back looks worse. I know curves dont progress much in people my age...so i dunno. I hope it hasnt got worse....
sorry for complaining again

5th December 2004, 01:30 AM
Probably just psychological - I thought mine progressed a lot when it hadn't. In any case, it's being sorted soon :-)

Amazed Jean
5th December 2004, 06:36 AM
When did you say that you and your sister are going to the doctor? Could it be sooner rather than later? The Mom in me wants to call the doctor and make a total pain in the ass of myself until these girls get looked at. I am very good at this. I shall do it if you give me the doctor's phone number - surely he's awake at 11:30Pm Oklahoma Time? If not I can arrange to get up to catch him at dinner. I want you to be seen soon. We can never know if something is getting worse and since I can't poke at you (as Moms do) then be your own best medical support - if it feels wrong get yourself in there. We can all laugh about it later if it was nothing - ok so the doctor won't laugh but you can always say it was the strange American woman.....

5th December 2004, 07:55 PM
Don't worry, you don't complain too much and I don't think you are crazy. I feel the same way. I hate it! I can totally feel how my body is all twisted now all the time and it drives me up the wall. One thing I can say is that you are getting your back taken care of soon so if it is getting worse they will fix you up good as new in no time! And don't worry about complaining too much. That's what this site is for. A lot of us don't have anyone to complain to or they are sick of hearing it. This site is designed for you to let your feelings out so complain away! :D Hope your back isn't getting worse though, just cause I don't want you to have more pain.

5th December 2004, 08:18 PM
mention this to your Gp when you see him.You're so much more aware of your condition than you used to be so perhaps you just think it's getting worse.It would have to be travelling at quite a pace to make a noticable difference over the past 6 weeks and that's very very unlikely.
Take an accurate measurement of your height in your bare feet.Have you lost height or are you pulling more to one side?Does one of your hips seem to be getting more out of alignment?If so, make sure to tell your GP and insist on having him contact the hospital to speed up your appointment.

5th December 2004, 10:17 PM
Your curve can progress at our age, mine has! I think i'm gunna ring the hospital and see if I can keep having my regular check-ups because I worry mines getting worse, even if its not it puts my mind at rest. I know how you feel about feeling your curve, I feel mine all the time!

Iv recently been getting back ache, its not a pain, just general backache, but iv been getting it more often. Its not directly on my spine, its at the side, i think it maybe my muscles, i was wondering whether its becuase i sit differently to make myself feel comfortable?!?

5th December 2004, 11:52 PM
yeah I do feel that im more bent to the side...*eek* but i will go c the GP ASAP ----amazed - that made me laugh lots!!!! lol!! so i will see about getting an app. made, and will drag my lil sis along with me....