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28th November 2004, 08:07 PM
I have a bit of a annoying thing going on with my legs. Its more the back of them, whenever i sit down they ache like ive pulled them bad or something (but i havent done anything to set them off) and im going to be sitting down alot tomorrow, ive tried to walk it off whenever it aches but its not working. Also it makes the botom of my back ache aswell, and last night it was very painfull i was almost in tears so i went to bed and tried to forget about it. But it was back this morning :cry:

28th November 2004, 08:39 PM
ooh... that sounds miserable. I have really tight hamstrings and sometimes they feel like that. I don't really have much advice... lying down usually helps me though.

28th November 2004, 09:48 PM
My right arm is reallllly sore lately too! Its like on my shoulder blade and a ll bit down my arm a wave of pain. Its annoying... but i haven't been doing anything for it to do that.

Amazed Jean
28th November 2004, 11:35 PM
Did you change shoes lately? Sometimes I get the same symptoms from a pair of shoes that are different. The coolest ones always hurt the most. I thought I was hallucinating until the doctor said to double check the shoes I wore. No more heels - period, no more totally skinny toes etc. He was right. No more bruised feeling calves and my lower back pain eased up a bit. Can't hurt to try it. Good luck.

29th November 2004, 10:09 AM
My favourite shoes are almost always pointy toed and kitten heeled, and I can't wear them more than just occasionally. For everyday stuff, I wear squooshy soled shoes like Clarks, Hush Puppies and Ecco - thoroughly middle aged, but worth it for the comfort factor.

Tracy, if there's any chance of getting someone to give you a gentle back rub before you go, it's probably worth doing. Also, if you're ok with ibuprofen, it won't do you any harm to take some of that with breakfast and lunch and just mask the pain for the day, this one time (of course I've just realised that you're not likely to see this because of that work thing). If you do, and your chair is adjustable, it could be worth playing with the adjustments of it - especially seat tilt, if you can. If it has an adjustable seat tilt, you'll likely find some relief from either tilting it a little backward, so the front of the seat comes up and supports your knees a little, or from tilting it a little forward so that it takes pressure off the lower back (varies from one person to the next as to which works). Also, just altering the height of the seat can make a big difference. Hope this helps a little, and good luck with the day - hope it all goes really smoothly and well :D

29th November 2004, 06:18 PM
I took some ibuprofen. HAHA you should hear me try and say it. It wasnt too bad today, i couldnt work out how to adjust my seat though which was a bit annoying (at work anyway) haha, i was at the front so i left it.

All i wear are flat shoes and there not new, there comfy as hell, (them slouch boots) I wear heels sometimes when im out, but ive had these knee high boots which i wear over a year and have no problem...strange. Maybe its just the weather, hah.

29th November 2004, 07:29 PM
Awwww **Runs and Hugs Tracey** I hope you feel better soon! I hate that when that happens, I get pain all the way down my right arm a lot!