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France & Amelia
19th June 2009, 10:10 PM
Flippin flippin things, I have just discovered patient info sheets on brace care and so on from various uk hospitals! Such a luxury! Amelia finally got her brace on Wednesday and all we were told was............................................... ..................................NOTHING!!!! Apart from she has to wear it 23.5 hours, can take off for sports and to start by wearing 5-6 hrs a day.

No care of skin, no cleaning of brace info, no 1 hr a day building up an hour a day. I did ask what to do if a particular part rubs and the german guy produced a bit of felt (not for us to take) and said get something like this. I have bags of felt lying around of course................ i think not!

I know I go on about it, but our treatment here to-date in Sunny Sausage Land (Germany) has been nothing less than disasterous. I feel in the dark without a torch, just the occasional match! Sorry to grumble, I feel a chocolate fix coming on:bump:

20th June 2009, 12:20 AM
Sorry to hear about your day! Maybe I can help? :)

A brace is not the hard to care for actually! :D To wash it (which you only have to do if it is starting to smell or get sweat marks) is take some baking soda and hot water and mix together. Then take a toothbrush and scrub it with the baking soda mixture. Rinse with a hose hooked up to a hot water heater (so it is hot). To dry you can lay a towel on the kitchen table and blow dry it with a hair blow dryer.

For skin care, maybe try some baby powder. I used that and it does great! Helps keep the skin dry and helps with odor.

For building up into it...have her wear it as long as she can possibly stand and then take it off for an hour and try it again. Try to make a goal to wear it longer than the first time. Before ya know it you are wearing it almost all day long! :D

Sharp edges that may show up and bother the skin try a piece of tap on the spot that is sharp. You may find the velcro straps may begin to fold back and not stick...just cut the bad end off. The only area she may have rubbing is under her arms, and across her collar bone area (if it is a TLSO brace like I wore). With those spots she may be able to pull her shirt up and little to cover that spot.

Enjoy your chocolate!! :) Best of luck! Hope this helped! :D

20th June 2009, 01:17 AM
i have a different opinion to Rods on how to build into the brace: i started at half an hour and doubled it each day (so 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and so on). i wouldn't even dream of trying 5-6 hours on the first day, that will most likely make amelia pretty sore and will just create a bad feeling about the whole thing!

i think the way they've handled you has been really poor, i wish there was something else i could suggest :(

20th June 2009, 02:41 AM
Becky's works too. :)
I did it the way I did cause I like to push myself. :D

France & Amelia
20th June 2009, 11:53 AM
Thanks for your help. The only issue re the washing is, they had to cover the outside in leather to hide the hideous design they made it out of! So, I doubt the leather will endure much total soaking, We're going to just have to carefully wash to inside and try not to get the outside too wet. Shame I havnt got a pressure washer to blast the damn thing to the moon! Only joking, Amelia is ok with the brace so far, apart from a teary fashion dilemma this morning upon discovering that all her favourtie tops are too short or clingly to cover it. And, she cannot squeeze her shorts or skirts underneath and they're not big enough to go over the top. I cheered her up with the prospect of some retail therapy to buy new clothes. I guess dresses would be a good idea but she's not a dressy kind of girl. Ok retail therapy here we come............................