View Full Version : Where to People Get Their Braces Made In the UK???

France & Amelia
18th June 2009, 04:49 PM

Just wondered where people get their (NHS) braces made in the UK? Does the hospital they attend have an orthosis maker which works in conjuction with the ortho specialists? If so, is it all a one-stop-shop scenario? Or do they have to go to separate places and then return to the specialist days later with the brace and so on? And....... how do the brace makers treat you, do they explain what their doing and so on or just kind of shove you about whilst taking casts with minimal communication???

ANd........... finally, if you have problems with the brace, how quickly can you get them sorted and is it an easy process or do you have to make millions of calls and wait long for appointments?


18th June 2009, 07:36 PM
Hello. The hospital we attend has an orthotics department where the braces are made. We only tend to get a new brace when we have an op now, so we're an inpatient when she gets casted and the brace is fitted (they turn it around in 1 day). During the casting process the ladies were really nice and tried to tell her what they were doing and why, but she was in a lot of pain so I don't think she was listening that much. As an inpatient, if you have problems we can pop along to the department and get seen straight away for adjustments.

We did used to get a brace as an outpatient, although I don't remember the process very well. It's generally easy to get seen for adjustments though once you manage to speak to the right person :)

Eve's Mum
19th June 2009, 05:41 PM
The hospital we attend have a great orthotics department and the brace is made there - usually turned around within a week or so. Then if you have to have adjustments, as Eve did, they can do it there. In fact it was the least troublesome part of the process, or perhaps I was just geared up by then to not relying on things going smoothly...