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22nd April 2009, 06:08 AM
So, I've had my brace since February now. Well...I hate it. It's squishy and painful.

BUT...My curve, which started at 31 degrees is now at 21 in brace, and 24 out. I feel like my rib hump is worse...but I'm not a doctor. I'm very happy that the brace is working. =D

However...I do have a question.

The only thing that goes under the brace is underwear - but I am having issues with the seams. At the end of the day, they've dug into me a lot, and I get very irritated. Some of the spots go from impressions into my skin to bumps - kind of like mosquito bites. Any advice?

22nd April 2009, 09:31 AM
Ooohhh, what good news :)

This link: http://www.gilbert-mellish.co.uk/products/spinal-cervical/torso-interface.php leads to a site that specialises in medical stuff and they do seamfree under brace wear (for want of a better description!). Might be a bit expensive but I have heard good reports of them.

Or else sometimes Primark have t-shirts that are seamfree and probably coming up to the right time of year for those now.

Good luck and well done for keeping going with the brace! :)

Eve's Mum
22nd April 2009, 09:19 PM
Well done! My daughter has just started with a Cheneau brace and her curve is reducing as well - we got seam-free vests from Gilbert and Mellish (as above) but I'm also going to see if I can cut and paste (!) some info I got from the Scoliosis Association which might help you.

Here goes...

One of our members has very kindly told us about a new company that supply
suitable vests to wear underneath braces. Check out their website:
Or call 01604 709999 for more information.
I am also attaching some notes we have on Brace Care:

Braces are quite hard work for parents and child and takes some getting used
to, but please do not put off a brace, because of its close fit, children
can only tolerate wearing it for a few hours a day at first, but within a
few weeks they should be able to wear it for the 20-22 hours a day. Soft
seam-free cotton vests should be worn under this brace and should be changed
frequently to avoid skin irritations. It is very important to prevent skin
break-down (that is sore, red, raw skin). To protect the skin:

1. Bathe daily (bath or shower)

2. The skin will need frequent observation when the brace is first used
(look for pink areas)

3. Do not use creams, lotions or powders under the brace. They soften
the skin.

4. Always wear a 100% cotton long under-shirt without side seams under
the brace.

5. If you wear the brace loosely it will move around and cause more
skin problems by rubbing.

If there is skin breakdown (sore, red, raw skin) the brace must not be
reapplied until the skin heals - one day or more. If this happens contact
the scoliosis clinic or doctor.

You might be able to purchase a vest or "cotton tube" from:

41 Almos Rd. off Meadowhall Road
Sheffield S9 1BX
Tel: 01142 618070

3 Lightening Way
West Heath
Birmingham B31 3PH
Tel: 0121 475 1101

Ooo! Think I've done it! Hope this is of use. The vests are quite pricey but are made from 'breathable' material and super-comfy.
Hope this helps.