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1st April 2009, 11:38 AM
Hi all!
I'm so glad I've found this site, been looking all around the net for good information and forums on Kyphosis/scoliosis and this is certainly the best place I've found!
Thank you all for all the work you're putting down, it's highly appreciated.

My problem:
When I was around 12 years old I noticed that I had quite a hunch on my back.. I think I had it before that time as well, at least a poor posture..
I could straighten it up by pushing the lumbar region forwards, something that may have been a bad idea(?)
The curve increased quite a bit until I was fully grown, probably got a lot worse because I spent a lot of time in front of the computer in a bad posture.
I was always told by everyone that there's nothing to do about it, that it's just how my back is shaped.
I'm 20 years old now and my back is like a "S" when seen side ways _if_ I straighten up all I can and pull my shoulders back. If I slouch it's a big hunch.

I'm in India now doing yoga to gain a better posture relief of pain..
I just visited an orthopedian, did a CT-scan which showed that I have a severe kyphosis, and as I also guessed, a mild scoliosis, something that has probably increased the kyphosis (it's worse when seen from the right side)
According to the orthopedian it doesn't look like a Scheuermann's Kyphosis though, as there are no wedge-shaped vertebraes. The kyphosis does look like one though..

The x-ray also showed small haemangiomas in three of the vertebrae, can this have caused my kyphosis? The orthopedian was really unclear on this point, I don't think he had much expertise in this area..
They couldn't tell me the degree of the curvature.

I'm really stressed about this, as I've been the most of my life.. I'm just so frightened that it's gotten worse, that it will increase even more and so damn angry at myself and everyone else for not doing anything while I was still growing, now it seems to be too late to do anything about it.. also really worried that the scoliosis will progress even more...
I'm really depressed about this and don't really know who to turn to.

Can anyone suggest me any specialist somewhere?
I'm going back to Sweden, where I live, next week.
I can travel basically anywhere to get a good specialist, although one in Sweden or a nearby country would be preferable. Or one in the US, as I'm going there this summer..
Is there a possibility to get an operation done if it's only for the cosmetic factor?
Would you recommend Alexander Technique/Schroth?

I hope that someone can help me.

Thank you all again for this wonderfull site.

1st April 2009, 08:59 PM
I think surgery could be a possibility, it can be done for cosmetic factor if you feel that you suffer mentally from this.

link some pics of it , or check in mine, is it the shape as mine or more maybe?


Regards / Hälsningar


2nd April 2009, 10:46 AM
Really? Can a surgery be done for a kyphosis that is not a Scheurmann's and certainly not above 70 degrees?

And no, your kyphosis is much smaller than mine.. About the same shape but my curvature is much worse, especially from the right side.

You haven't heard of any good specialist in Sweden?

Thanks for replying, tack for svaret!

5th April 2009, 12:05 PM
Just visited Dr Sajan K Hedge at the Apolo Hospital in Chennai.
I did some more x-rays and it turned out that I've got a Scheuermann's measuring 50 degrees.
I explained how desperate I am about this and he said that a surgery can be carried out just because of cosmetic factors..
(I'm also afraid it may get worse and I do have some pain)
Dr Hegde said that after some time (months, years??) there will be no impairment in flexibility and movement.. is this correct?
He also said that risk of paralysis is very small.
So why shouldn't I do the surgery, really?

Doing a surgery here in India would cost around 10 000 dollars.
I'll try getting one in Sweden though, I just hope that they will be willing to perform a surgery there.. If not, I'll have to look for a surgent abroad.