View Full Version : Scar Revision?

5th November 2004, 09:10 PM
I was just wondering if anyone had looked into scar revision surgery before?

I'm going through periods where my scar really grosses me out... It's abotu an inch wide where my stitches abscessed and had to be removed. It's healed actually pretty nice, but the scar is TISSUE thin and I can feel the spinous process VERY clearly, and also see it.

My mom's been dropping hints about having plastics work done on it..
Just wondering if anyone had looked into this sort of thing before...

5th November 2004, 09:24 PM
I considered it for a while, but never actually got as far as looking into it. My scar has spread at the top as well, it's not really a pretty sight, and it felt fragile for a long time. However, it suddenly started to toughen up, and also tighten up quite unexpectedly a year or more after the surgery, and by that time it had faded so much in colour as well that I just didn't feel like it was worth looking into. It's quite likely that something can be done about it though if you really want it done, especially as it is at the end of the scar. To get a good job done could be quite painful though, so there will be a lot of weighing up to be done. Hopefully someone else knows more about this though!

5th November 2004, 10:43 PM
What is scar revision...is it where you get ur scar fixed up, so you cant really notice it?