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21st January 2009, 02:57 AM

I have an 80 degree kyphosis curve and a 45 degree scoliosis curve. I am having surgery and have a few questions about what to expect.

1. After the surgery will I feel the rods in my back?
2. How limited will my motion be a few months after the surgery?
3. To what extent are your everyday functions changed after surgery?


21st January 2009, 10:10 PM

Welcome to the Sso

Many of us have had surgery to answer you questions ..

A lot of people dont Feel the rods and screws in there spine i think am one of the few that feel my screws and thats only because I am very skinny .

My motion Was limited for about 2 mths but people differ from person to person You will find that you will be stiff for the first mth or so but gradually that will ease .

my everyday functions as in the previous Answer Was limited and still is to a certain degree it All depends on age , how fit you are beofre hand , and What you are used to doing in everyday life ,

Sorry i carnt answer your question more Accurately Am sure someone might be able to answer your questions better .

For the time being Welcome


26th January 2009, 07:36 PM
Hey Brooke:

1. I can feel them where the screw heads are, but not he bars themselves - just feels like you've got a really wide spine

2. Not at all. The advice is not to bend straight over and pick stuff up and don't go swimming. Beyond that you should be fine

3. Depends how long after you mean. Three years down the road and I cycle 12 miles a day, go to the gym three times a week and dance my butt off in clubs all weekend. So you should be fine.

1st February 2009, 05:38 AM
hello-I had my first surgery in Oct.07 and then the rod came loose by Dec. 07 and had surgery to correct the loose rod in Aug.08 When the rod was loose I could feel it alot especially when it would shift as I walked. But now that it is not loose anymore I totally don't feel it and I definitely can't see any bumps or anything when looking in the mirror. (when the rod was loose, it was visible when I looked in the mirror)
For me the question of mobility will have a different answer than others probably just because I had the loose rod. I had to be stuck in a brace to keep my back still and I was quite stiff and could not sit up for more than maybe 10min. After the second surgery a few months after, I was not in as much pain as the first time and slightly more mobile but still pretty limited. Also your muscles are cut during the surgery so you have to build up your strength once safe to do so and I could not lift more than 10 pounds because it was too heavy.
As for the third questions, are you talking in the recovery phase or afterwards. I can't talk from experience for this one because I am still recovering but I am told that I will have a pretty normal life and minor limitations in terms of flexibility. Hope this helps.