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29th October 2004, 09:35 AM
Hi Everyone,

First I'd like to say big thanks to charlotte, toni and titch for introducing me to this site :-)

Now for my question...

Has anyone here ever had reconstructive surgery to make their back look more even?

I have been offered such surgery, as well as a breast implant to even out the front bit, and am trying to find out more about it. The surgeon suggests either using some fat / muscle tissue from my abdominal area to build up the hollow along the left side of my back (I have prominent ribs to the right). Or a silicon implant or both (for once I'm at a disadvantage because I'm not very fat lol). I am desperate to look more 'normal' but cannot imagine how I might end up feeling / looking after this procedure.

I also like to exercise, I find yoga type exercises really help to keep pain away, and am wondering how this surgery might affect my exercise routine.

I have thoracic scoliosis and lumbar kyphosis. Most of my spine is fused (originally in 1976 and revised in 1995) I have also had surgery in the past to correct the rib hump.

I would really appreciate you sharing experiences or thoughts on this.

Many thanks

Anne :-)

29th October 2004, 01:12 PM
Welcome Annie! :wave: I think I saw you post on a different site a week or two ago.

I've also been fused, like many of us, and I've had a thoracoplasty to eliminate my rib hump. I didn't have anything else done because this has virtually made everything completely even, and I don't exactly have breasts to even out. A number of other people here have had thoracoplasties and Charlotte here (floralgypsy) has had a silicone implant.

A thoracoplasty is painful but the ribs should be stable after maybe 2 months and you able to carry on as normal. Sorry I can't offer anything more detailed, advice on the other bits, but I'm sure others can help :-D

Nice to see you Anne :-)

29th October 2004, 01:15 PM
Hi Annie.... :welcome2:
I'm not sure about reconstructive plastic surgery....I don't think I would like to put myself through unnecessary pain!
What are your curves now?

29th October 2004, 01:32 PM
Thanks for the replies guys :)

Jonny -
My orthopaedic surgeons don't want to operate any more, as they don't want to 'disturb' the fusion. which is why they referred me to a plastic surgeon. I did have a costalplasty to reduce the rib hump when I was 17. Charlotte told me about her implant and she actually sees the same docs as me !!! :-)

Abbi -
I hate to say it but I don't know the exact degree of my curve at the moment without looking it up (I have my records at home but not there now).

All I can say is the rib protrusion is very noticeable, unless I'm wearing baggy tops. Altho most people tell me they don't notice it at all - but then i never wear tight t -shirts :woe:

I'll post my xrays to the gallery at some point ( if i ever get my scanner to work again :hammer: )


29th October 2004, 03:06 PM
The best think I can recommend is talking some more with Dr Giele and asking to see some of the outcomes of the surgery. I know my (and other people's) photographs were taken before and after surgery to show what can be achieved, and I am sure that if you ask him, he will show you some cases. I'm really happy with the plastic surgery on my chest - I have never looked back, and plus, it wasn't that painful at all. I couldn't jump or run for about a week and it looked a little like a battered banana in colour, but it was certainly worth it. Unfortunately I know nothing about the posterior correction, so I am not much use.

Welcome again to the site!

30th October 2004, 12:01 AM
I'm sorry that I don't have any advice for you. I just wanted to say WELCOME! we're glad to have you here!

Amazed Jean
30th October 2004, 04:26 AM
Welcome to the site Annie. I'm not much help about the surgeries. I am 53 years old and never had any surgeries or bracing. If they told me tomorrow I could get rid of my hump and all I would have to do was to ask for the surgery and deal with the pain etc. after. I would be the next in line. Do what makes you feel good.

30th October 2004, 12:52 PM
Yes, welcome!!! :D I hope you'll like it here!

30th October 2004, 03:24 PM
Hi Annie, good to see you here :-)

It's possible to have a further costoplasty if you want one, so long as it won't affect your breathing. This wouldn't affect your fusion in any way. I had a costoplasty done at the same time as my last fusion surgeries (in 1994, when I was 18) and then I had a further one in 2001, in order to achieve further cosmetic correction, which was very successful (see the thoracoplasty thread for photos).

If you're worried about still having a rib deformity, maybe you could mention this to your surgeon?

Good luck :-)

Toni xx

30th October 2004, 03:34 PM
Welcome Welcome :niceone:

31st October 2004, 02:48 PM
Hi Anne and welcome.
I guess as we go towards our thirties/forties we become more aware of our flaws.In my case I think having scoliosis ruined our teenage years and we can never get that back again so it's important that we do what we can to have our bodies looking the best we can possibly can later on.
I'm 37 and trying to regain fitness.As for the reconstructive surgery I'm not a suitable candidate for thoracoplasty but am giving some thought to reconstructive surgery.I think it's a great idea and hope it works well for you.It's even better if the NHS will pay for it.

31st October 2004, 04:00 PM
I had thoracoplasty during my fusion surgeries so Ive no idea how long it would take for that alone to recover and any effect on your exersice.

I went to a plastic surgeon the other week about altering my back, nothing to do with the fusion but I had problems with my scar (infection) and now I have an even stranger looking back due to the position of the scars and the effect of the infection making me have a hollow bit. Unfortunately he wasn't really wanting to do anything at the time because of problems with the scar position and the risk of infections to high.

Hope it works for you trying to sorrt something out :-D

1st November 2004, 05:46 PM
Thanks everyone for the replies :kiss:

I am amazed that there are so many nice people out there, who can relate to what I'm going through and take the time to post !!

I have written to my plastic surgeon with more questions, and am also going to try to find out about another costoplasy (thanks Toni - I had no idea another costoplasy could possibly be an option, it's got to be worth investigating...)

I am also going to put some pics / xrays up just as soon as I can.

Anne :-)

2nd November 2004, 09:03 AM
Having looked up a few facts and figures...

My thoracic curve is now 69 degrees. I did have a 55 degree kyphosis in the lumbar region (which only occured after my initial harrington rod surgery and well into my 20s) but this was corrected in 1995, when my spine was re-instrumented and fused from T7 - L5.

Anne :roll: