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14th January 2009, 10:02 PM
We went to the sos clinic yesterday for our free consultation.

My initial thought was that how small the building was, it is very well presented and has 3 treatment rooms, a consultation room and a few offices. But i don't know i just assumed that it would be alot bigger than it was.

We were in there for 2 hours and it was very informative. We learned alot more about scoliosis that we did with the 2 appointments we had with Mr Sell. She explained the treatment really well and did some measurments on Sarah's back. They are against surgery and she talked about how having surgery does'nt mean that it is the end of it, as we already know surgery itself poses alot of risks.

At the beginning, their therpist went to the europe clinics for the training but now they train their therpist in house.

I asked the the question that had been really bothering me, and i know alot of you guys as well, that what if the patient can't continue the 30 minute daily exercise regime for the rest of their lives. She admitted that if the exercises were not kept up then the patients back would eventually go back to what it was, this is a big concern for me because what if Sarah requires heart surgery in the future then she will be inactive for atleast acouple of months!!!

I believe the treatment can help Sarah strenghen her muscles and hold correct posture. At the moment Sarah can't stand up straight, she totally leans to one side and that can't be helping her curve. I am thinking if we go for this treatment then as i said before it will help her strenghen her muscles and correct her posture and if it helps with the curve then brilliant, if not then surgery here we come!!
The problem is - finance - like most people here we havn't got 3000 laying around. If we are to go for this then it is going to be a massive committment for us, also Sarah has 3 younger siblings and 4 weeks is a long time.

I have also been trying to get some information on the german clinic, i have been on their website but it doesn't give any information on how it costs or how long the treatments last for. Does anyone know this??

Iam just as confused as i was before i went to the consultation. aaarrrggghhhh

15th January 2009, 12:55 PM
Sorry to read that you left the clinic more confused than when you went in. 3000 pounds is a lot of money for anyone to find especially in the current financial crisis we have found ourselves in. I am pleased to read that you managed to get some answers to the questions that you had and i know as a parent you want to do the very best for your child. As far as the times go i think on the national health consultants are restricted to the amount of time that they can give you due to the work loads they have.

Take care and i hope you can come to some decision without too much pain and heartache


15th January 2009, 09:40 PM
They are against surgery and she talked about how having surgery does'nt mean that it is the end of it, as we already know surgery itself poses alot of risks.

I struck me whilst i was at the clinic how biased they were against surgery - everytime one of the patients just asked the physio a question about surgery they would call in the doctor to tell us how bad and risky it is. They didn't seem to realise that for some people, it is the best option! Obviously it has it's risks and isn't for everyone, but we already know that :p
I hope that whatever your daughter chooses to do she finds it helpful. xx

19th January 2009, 01:54 AM
I live in America. I have only found two PT's trained in Scroth.
One in Rockville MD and one in Wisconsin...Does anyone know of others?

19th January 2009, 11:44 PM
Bad Salzungen they charge around 600 euros a week orso and have support for parents with children also Bad Sobernheim. www.skoliose.com

They do the real Schroth there not the same as at SOS...

In USA there are several Schroth Clinics, the links I have somewhere around. Also one in Spain.