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2nd December 2008, 03:29 AM
hi my name is mari,
i am 18 yrs old and have scheuermanns kyphosis. my curve is 70 degrees. i wore a back brace for about four years but it did not improve my curvature. it did, however, keep it from getting worse. since i am done growing my only option to correct the curve is surgery. i do have mild pain but it is bearable. the surgeon said that the surgery would be mainly cosmetic and somewhat preventative, and most likely he would only have to go through the back and not the front. i was wondering if anyone has had this surgery? long term what were their experiences? how painful and long was the recovery? and what limitations do you have post surgery? would you say the surgery is worth it? thank you for your time!!!

Little Ali
2nd December 2008, 01:26 PM

It is intirely your choice but I'd advise you to have the surgery if you have some pain already and a moderate curve. We have quite a few members who have been told at a young age that their curves won't progress and then have found themselves having problems once they're older.

In my experience, going through the back (posterior) is less traumatic and takes less time to recover form that than anterior surgery (through the front)

I'd ask your surgeon how quickly s/he thinks the curves might progress and what the consequences of going without surgery might be.

Good luck!

2nd December 2008, 05:39 PM
Thank you for replying to me so quickly. I think I will most likely go through with the surgery because like you said you can run into problems further down the road. It is just such a scary decision!!

3rd December 2008, 02:24 PM
Hi Mari,

I had anterior/posterior surgery. I was in hospital for about 6 days then recovering at home for about three months. Pain wise I was on lots of Morphine at the hospital but then just coedine and ibuprofen at home. Can't remember being in pain that much (except when the morphine wore off!) but was absolutely exhausted for weeks.

I was up and about soon after surgery but to a very limited extent - put on shirt, lie down, put on trousers, lie down, walk downstairs, lie down, go get food out of fridge, lie down, prepare food, lie down, cook food, lie down etc etc.

I guess I would say I wasn't incapacitated for as long as I thought I would be, but on the other hand it was much longer than I was expecting til I was 100% better again. My surgery was also classed as preventative and cosmetic. I'm certinaly glad I had it done. Hope that helps! good luck if you decide to go ahead

3rd December 2008, 05:49 PM
Thank you for your reply, it helps a lot. I was just curious, after your recovery from the surgery would you say that you have little pain and can pretty much do what you used to?

5th December 2008, 10:17 PM
Well, I just heard from the insurance company and they approved me. If I do end up getting the surgery it will be in the first or second week in July. Hopefully, July allows enough recovery time; I am hoping after the surgery I will be able to start my first year of college on time (about a month or so after surgery). I am still trying to make up my mind and weigh the pros and cons. Any other advice? - Mari

10th December 2008, 04:03 PM
im 18 as well and mine would be purely cosmetic, i have kyphosis and was told at 14 it wasnt severe enough and i had stopped growing so the curve wouldnt progress .. nowadays its just aching when i sit down and my friends have noticed the hump when i bend down in a certain way .. thinking of having surgery next year but im at university and not sure how long it would take to recover and return to lessons ..

11th December 2008, 10:24 PM
Hi Heather, I know exactly where you are coming from and why you would want the surgery. If you don't mind me asking, how bad is your curve? For me I do have the pain that you mentioned when sitting or standing for long periods of time and I found that yoga helps, not completely but some. I would try it!

31st December 2008, 09:39 PM
i wore a back brace for about four years but it did not improve my curvature.
Four years Corset and no improvement?
That is nearly unbelievable.
Either the brace was garbage? Or you did not carry it?
70 is the lowest border for op.
Exhibition you my pictures on.
It is never too late.
Why the life risk if it differently also goes?
Greets Toni

5th January 2009, 05:34 PM
Actually, my doctor was not really expecting an improvement due to various factors. His main goal with the brace was to keep it from getting worse and he was happy that I wore it enough to meet that goal. I would say that the brace was good, there were just a lot of different factors and had I not wore it, there is no saying how bad my curve would be now!

1st February 2009, 05:06 AM
Maybe my case is different but my recovery is expected to take about a year. I had surgery in October 07 and the rod came loose because of the pressure on the rod I think and I was in terrible pain and laughed about the one member who posted about put on pants, lay down, put on shirt, lay down and so on because that was so me for months. The rod came loose by Dec. 08 and I was in a lot of pain until I had surgery to correct it on Aug. 14,08 and up until the second surgery I could only sit for 10min max at a time. I am still recovering from the one in August but I am improving and I am expected to be good by summer. I need to really stress that I am not trying to scare you but I had the same thoughts about recovery that it would take a few months and I would be back on my feet. In my case I was wrong and I imagine that is because I had complications but I have been told to expect at least 6months of recovery by some people. If you or anyone who reads this is interested in reading what I have gone through in my journey with Kyphosis, I started a blog that I am writing about it all and what I went through. This is what I went through and it is totally different for every person but this is my experience. The address is www.kyphosisjourney.blogspot.com. I started it to hopefully give awareness to Kyphosis and explain what I went through with it. I know some people on here had little trouble and by 6 months they were doing better and I know some where it took longer than 6months. I have also heard that the younger you are, the quicker the recovery so age is definitely on your side. You may recover quickly but I would allow a little more room between the surgery and when you plan to start school if I were you.

31st March 2009, 07:54 AM
I had my surgery in Jan 2004 I was in my first year of high school. I had to do home school for half of the year because I was sick. I was in the hospital for a week after my posterior surgery then I went home and a few days later I had complications and was back in the hospital for nearly a month. At home I was in a lot of pain it was hard to do much anything for the first couple of weeks. I took hydrocodone for pain which made me constantly sick to my stomach. I started back in school in April but had to take less classes because my energy level was down. By june though I was able to participate in sports again and didn't experience as much pain. Now 5 years later I can say that i have had a lot of pain throughout the years but mostly from sleeping on an uncomfortable bed or sitting for a long road trip. I know now what will cause me discomfort and what wont. The pros of the surgery have out weighed the side effects for now but I still wished I would have waited until I was your age to make the decision. I hope you do not experience any complications and give yourself enough time to recover before going back to school.

29th April 2009, 12:05 AM
I am 51 years old and did a short stint of physical therapy. I'm not sure of the degree of my curve - plan another visit soon to dr. Most of my pain is in neck area, and I'm certainly constantly self-conscious about my posture. Has anyone my age had surgery?

29th April 2009, 09:01 PM
I am 51 years old and did a short stint of physical therapy. I'm not sure of the degree of my curve - plan another visit soon to dr. Most of my pain is in neck area, and I'm certainly constantly self-conscious about my posture. Has anyone my age had surgery?

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