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13th October 2008, 07:03 PM
Ok so apart from being new to this site, I'm not sure whether I have lordosis or not.

I'm 17 and was born 4 months premature (born at 24 weeks), as it turns out I did manage to survive with no major problems except a very slight ear problem and my back. I never noticed my problem much with my back,infact it was more of a party trick because I could bend myself in half backwards but I can't slouch or move at all forwards. It all started when I was learning to drive and I noticed I had very little mobility in my back,so much so that I couldn't turn around far enough to check my blind spots (my instructor had to get me blind spot mirrors). I went and saw a back specialist who told me all the bones in my back are fused together which confused me, he also told me I have minor scoliosis, which I already knew and is no big deal, but the point is he never cleared up with me what is wrong with my back.

What I want to know is do my symptoms sound like any kind of back problem:
- The bones in my back are fused together.
- My back is really flat from the top to about halfway down, then it curves in abit, though it is not severe. It kinda makes my bum stick out a bit which is embarrassing!
-I sit up very straight and have always been told I have "great posture", but can't slouch or lean forwards much.
-Overall the mobility in my back and hips is pretty bad.
-It's worth noting I was born with it, and it has stayed the same throughout the whole of my 17 years.

Any help with some sort of diagnosis would be greatly appreciated! Oh and hi by the way:)

13th October 2008, 07:08 PM
Hi lottie welcome to SSO i think your back problem could be anklyosing spondylitis I have a friend who has that condition it means that the bones in your back fuse themselves. Hope this helps.

13th October 2008, 07:33 PM
Welcome lottie :welcome:

The main thing I would say is that you need to see a spinal specialist, if you haven't already. Have you had any recent X-rays taken? The comments made by the specialist you've already seen aren't really very helpful if you haven't been told what's actually wrong with you!