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18th July 2008, 11:27 AM
Having given up on the NHS as being of any use in treating my back pain, I'm trying every combination of alternative therapy/exercise that I can think of :D

So I think the Alexander Technique is great, acupuncture is good (though short-lived), pilates has developed my core muscles but hasn't made me feel any better, general exercise at the gym hasn't changed my pain levels but has been good for my general well-being and helps me cope better with the pain.

My latest thing to try is yoga - I'm enjoying this and have found some great stretches which really ease my pain and stiffness. Its quite addictive actually - every opportunity I get, I'm on the floor doing these stretches because I know I get instant relief from them! And I think the deep breathing/relaxation element of yoga is also beneficial in helping me cope with the pain.

Just wondered if anyone else has tried yoga and have found it to help? Is there anyone like me who thinks that yoga has helped more than pilates?

18th July 2008, 01:21 PM
I'm quite into my Pilates. I used to do Yoga before I had surgery on my back for the scoliosis and found it rather nice to do and relaxing, therefor I didn't have much pain. Well I was in hospital for it and it was part of my therapy programme so I guess it made sence. I would rather like to take up Yoga again as I found it quite pleasent to do, and the stretches are good for you I suppose. I may look into how much classes cost at the spectrum (local centre - it's huge lol).
Ahh and I just thought I might let you guys know that it is possible to get some reduced price gym sessions prescribed from your GP (if your GP can do this or has this available to them hopefully) as my mum just got a prescription for the Gym.
Yes I think I'll look into Yoga... my brother wants to do it too =] xx

18th July 2008, 11:00 PM
I think Crimsonrose uses yoga to deal with her pain