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13th October 2004, 02:29 PM
i went to the hospital around 2 yesterday and we went to eroom, well they sent me to a health clinic were i spent 4 hours with a doctor who gave cortizone shot that did not work and then come to find out that he is not speacialized in the spine. so went to another eroom and waited from 6pm to 4am in the morning and no doctor wonted to see or let alone touch me. so know im completely stiff,weak as water,and body completly is having spasms like im in shock. im so far past pain that its numbing. im at a lost and dont know what to do now.

13th October 2004, 03:44 PM
I'm stunned that this could happen to you !
What excuse did the second hospital give for not seeing you?
I'm not very familiar with the US healthcare system or how the ER works.If you want to check out possible options with other based US groups can I recommend a very useful site called www.scoliosis.org and they have a huge group of american people and a message board/community centre.perhaps there's someone there from Florida who might have a contact or some helpful idea for you.
How is your effort at getting your doctor to refer you somewhere else?

13th October 2004, 03:49 PM
they were over staffed with people and the speacialist wasnt in and no beds available. as for calling primary my husband is so pissed from all this yeasterday and this morning hes calling her and making her get an opening so i can go straight in. this was his first time seeing what bs i go thru and now he understand and is outraged at the way they treat people with spinal deformities. there were alot of people who came in ambulances who had to spend the night in wheelchairs before doc could see them today. im parkins disaes patien,stroke patiennt, another spinal cord injury patient, and prgnant women. thanks for site will check out.

13th October 2004, 03:57 PM
I'm delighted your husband is doing this for you.He must be going through so much himself trying to maintain a normal family life.I sure hope the primary can get you an opening in a good hospital.let us know what happens.We're all so angry that you're being treated this way.

13th October 2004, 05:27 PM
The trouble with steroid shots, and they're something that don't seem to be used here in the UK very much at all compared to how often they're used in the US, is that they often take days or even weeks to work, if they work at all. Having said that, I think cortizone is one of the ones that has a fairly rapid effect, but there may be hope to still get some relief from it.

The only time I can recall having full body spasms was after the salvage surgery I had, when I used to get them mostly as I was trying to settle to sleep. They were really disconcerting, and I didn't find out what caused them, although I felt that it was most likely just that all the nerves were so aggravated by the surgery :-?

I know it's a horrible way to think of things, but hopefully your husband will get further than you have done - there are too many medical staff who treat women as being hysterical and just don't believe what you tell them, even if that means dismissing clear evidence on xrays and scans :rant: I'm so sorry that you're going throught this - I really hope you're able to find a way forward as soon as possible :hug: