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27th June 2008, 09:41 AM
For anyone wanting information on this clinic here is a link to the website


If you are considering non surgical treatments then please have take a look. This is a tried and tested method for the conservative care of scoliosis.

It has been around since the 1920s and plenty of studies have been carried out and published into its effectiveness as a treatment.

It does advocate the bracing of adolescents which is an essential component in the treatment of any adolescents.

I think it is only fair to our members to at least have access to the vast majority of options open to them.

27th June 2008, 10:26 AM
I'd still be wary of this clinic Mark, as many of the studies were written by Hans Weiss, the director of the clinic. According to our member Gerbo, who speaks German and researched this clinic with a view to taking his daughter there, Schroth Therapy still remains a "fringe" treatment in Germany despite its apparent success.

However, Hans Weiss is a fully qualified medical doctor with many years of experience and he is the grandson of Katherina Schroth herself. If anyone wishes to try Schroth Therapy then this is where it all began. I have been in touch with Dr Weiss and he confirmed that they do speak English at both of the German clinics, in fact they get patients from all over the world speaking many different languages, and this is not generally a problem as they use a common language (often English, French or Spanish) to communicate with them. In Europe they're not so rubbish at speaking other languages as we are here in the UK! :oops:

Our member Sandman has attended one of the clinics and reports back postively, as does BZebra. However in Sandman's case, he had severe scoliosis despite a previous fusion and it looks like he will need further surgery at some point. This isn't really surprising as you can't straighten a solidly fused spine. BZebra puts a lot of her success down to the bracing that was prescribed at the clinic.

I am still curious to know what happens when you get too old, or become too ill, to do your exercises every day. I have been told by a Schroth trained physiotherapist that if you don't do your exercises regularly, your back will return to how it was.

28th June 2008, 10:22 PM
Im reluctant to post but I just must... I dont think the Schroth Theraphy gets the credits it deserves. Frankly this is one of the oldest form of "treating" Scoliosis that has proven to be quite successful. It does require a lot of work from every person for the rest of their lives, still its very easy to learn and gains so much self awareness and a better spine at it that it is well worth learning!

I think the "BEST" treatment for Scoliosis is Bracing with Schroth! THAT is what I think should be the aim for all Scoliosis people to do! Can of course only work if the Scoliosis is detected early if not surgery may be needed with supportive use of Schroth. Yes, you can perform Schroth successfully even AFTER surgery or even if your spine is straight! Its made to correct and build up your spine not just to correct disforments.

You wonder what sick or old people do Toni? I can tell you they do Schroth! Schroth can be for every person individually adjusted at any age or health condition. That is what makes it so brilliant.
I saw an older man with severe Kyphoscoliosis and Parkisons he could barely walk the first week he was there in the clinic. The day he left 4 weeks later he had corrected his Kyphoscoliosis slightly, thanks to the Kubin Brace painless and able to move around as if nothing was wrong. Should I add he felt great?!? He did the same stuff we did just less or different, I cant for instant do anything on the stomach, impossible. Or what can strain the rod. I do other stuff.

The fact I may face a 3rd Surgery lies only in the facts that Harington surgery is absolete, my ribcage is twisting and I might want for a change to look straight in the mirror...

1st July 2008, 08:19 PM
Sorry for the delay in approving your post Sandman - I'm just getting used to the new system :)

Thanks for your info about Schroth! It is really good to have answers to questions :) I have always wondered what old/infirm people do when they are not physically able to do their exercises any more though. The gentleman you met with Parkinsons sounds like an amazing guy, but I am more concerned about illnesses and conditions that would cause a lot of disability. My grandfather had a stroke and was paralysed down one side of his body - he would be physically unable to continue doing exercises. Likewise, my grandmother was very very frail towards the end of her life and due to Alzheimers, she couldn't do much apart from sit in a chair. I fear that, if they had been maintaining large scoliosis curves before they were incapacitated, these curves would return and progress rapidly and eventually even kill them :(

The Kurbin brace sounds excellent. I hope that orthotists in this country are continuing to work and develop bracing, and that they are learning from experts in other countries. I have heard nothing but good things about German orthotists although the brace regimes are strict (which I totally agree with - 23 hours a day in a Milwaukee for years worked wonders for holding my potentially dangerous infantile curves!).

Good luck Sandman, I really hope that your third surgery makes things a lot better for you.

2nd July 2008, 09:29 PM

one can never tell what happens next in life.

I had 3 girls at my table 2 of them had decreased their curves after 3 and 4 weeks of Schroth. But of them were not fused though. The 3rd lady had also an improvement of her Schuermanns but she was also in a brace.

Of course it worries me if I get to sick to do any Schroth but thats life...

19th July 2008, 10:09 AM
Hi William

I read somewhere that you intermated that Scroth was looking into changing some of the practices carried out at the clinic, do you know what those changes are William