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17th April 2008, 01:56 AM
Hi everyone,
I had an appointment with my Specialist yesterday and I told him how much pain I am in still b/c of the rod being loose on the bottom and stuff and he is highly reccomending a second surgery to replace the rod with another smaller one. I know that I probably should do this b/c it makes sense to have it fixed but I feel like I am taking a step backwards b/c I will have to go through recovering from another surgery and it has actually had me pretty down today. I think it would probably not hurt near as much b/c he doesn't have to straighten anything like he did the first time but it is just bothering me that I have gone through 6 months of recovering and doing excercises and all the hard work I did to get through this and then it feels like it was partly for nothing. But on the other hand-once I get through the recovery and stuff from the second operation, I think about the possibility that I won't have any more stuff loose and possibly going through my exercises and and stuff again will actually bring me to a point where I actually improve and I don't feel so much pain. It seems really nice to think about not having so much pain and being able to have my life back again and do stuff that I have not been able to do over the last few years. I do have a question to anyone reading this though-has anyone ever had a rod replaced and what was it like to recover from it? Was it as painful as the first time? Thanks for taking the time to read this.

17th April 2008, 11:41 AM
I'm afraid I can't help with your question as I've only had the one surgery, but thinking logically, the second surgery you describe would be so much smaller than the first, I can't see how it wouldn't be less painful and quicker to recover from :-) Plus, if you have a loose rod at the moment, it isn't going to get any better on it's own and most likely would work itself even looser over time, which would only cause further problems and pain. Surgeons don't tend to recommend further surgery unless they are pretty confident that it will benefit you in the long run.

Hope this helps :-)

Amazed Jean
17th April 2008, 08:18 PM
Doggone it Hydeen. I wish I had some wisdom for you but don't . I will think positive thoughts and send lots of hugs your way. Take care and Keep us posted.

27th April 2008, 10:22 PM
Hi Hvdeen,
I had the old style Harrington rod surgery in 1981. I had to have the rod replaced four months after my fusion because the hook at the top was loose and the rod started to bend. I did not have any pain at the time but I do remember when I came home from hospital after my 1st operation i was bent over like an old woman I guess the rod problem had started almost immediately after i had the fusion op. The second surgery was not as severe as the first I also went on to have the second rod removed two and a half months later because the hook at the bottom was loose and moved and I had a considerable amount of pain. I have had problems with my back on and off since then but I try not to let it interfere with life. Hope this helps. :squeeze: Muriel

30th April 2008, 05:48 PM
Hola Hydeen

I am not on your level because I have only had one surgery, 1989 for a harrington rodf (T5 - L1)

This is a tough time for you because you are feeling like everything you have done so far was for nothing and you just want to move on with your life, however, what you have been doing for your recovery has not been a waste of time - it has kept you in shape, your body in good condition - meaning you are able to face another surgery and come through the other side with positive thoughts and feelings and continue your exercises to recover well from the second phase.

I do feel for you and it is a difficult decision to make, however, don't think of the now, think of the future, if you still needed the surgery in a few years time - your body is older, will take longer to heal, will you mentally be ready - I think now is a good time because your mind is already focused on surgery/healing and so on - if you leave it for a few years you might be as ready or focused as you are now - not to mention the healing times.

I hope that has been some help and I am thinking of you :)

farm gal
8th May 2008, 05:18 AM
Take a deep breath, I have learned to be patient. It is hard, but sometimes we need to take a long period of time before making decisions. Then you will likely make the best decision. Best of Luck, you are in my prayers.