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24th September 2004, 02:09 AM
Well, I just got married in April and moved to a different part of Washington so I contacted my previous chiropractor to have my x-rays sent to me. No problem, right?

Well I hadn't been able to afford going to the chiropractor for over 2 yrs now and apparently during that time, my chiropractor moved out of the office she was sharing with another chiropractor.

After doing all the release paperwork (which took FOREVER, they just couldn't seem to get it) I finally had my x-rays on their way. I got them in the mail only to find a whole set (the more recent set) missing!! And to top it off, the only ones I have now are from when I was 15 and one from when I was 16 (now 22 - almost 23). The most current were when I was 19 or 20. The ones I have are also all gross. I guess the humid temps of WA started molding them!

I am mostly ticked off cause I wanted to have a very accurate rate of progression. I can still get an idea, but the more information that a doctor has, the better. Same goes for the other way around. Anyway, I&#39;m just venting. :thwack: <--(me to the chiropractors who couldn&#39;t keep track of my medical records&#33;)

Maybe when I finally get my health insurance, I won&#39;t worry too much more. I am going to try to talk to some doctors about getting surgery. The pain is just so bad lately&#33; I fear my curve is getting worse and I have not been able to keep up with it the last couple of years. Scary&#33; :woe:

Anyone else have this happen to them? I just can&#39;t believe it&#33;

24th September 2004, 10:42 AM
I&#39;m sorry to hear about your missing x-rays.

Would you believe that the hospital where I was treated for scoliosis (1976-1978 with Milwaukee brace, surgery in 1979, outpatient until 1987) has destroyed ALL of my files. :evil: They told me they only kept files for 25 years - but that was earlier this year, less than 25 yrs since my fusion in July 1979 and only17 years since my last outpatient appointment.

I&#39;m trying my best to track down any record of my scoliosis prior to 2000 when I started seeing a scoliosis consultant for two yearly check-ups. I&#39;m a bit embarrassed on this site not to be able to say whether I had any correction as a result of my fusion. When I saw my consultant in 2000, he was able to check my current x-ray against my post-op one and was able to tell me that my curve hadn&#39;t progressed in 21 years.
I would LOVE those files though. I am contacting another hospital, where I had my Mylogram done before my surgery.

24th September 2004, 11:26 AM
my mom trew away the xrays of when I was first diagnosed :| I couldn&#39;t believe my ears when she told me (she didn&#39;t even ask me if I was OK with it)...

24th September 2004, 03:36 PM
Hi Butterfly,
There&#39;s no excuse for losing x rays.These are people&#39;s medical records&#33;&#33;
It&#39;s one thing to dispose of x rays and notes for an acute illness but in the case of scoliosis which is a long term and permanent condition hospitals should really re evaluate their policy on deleting or dumping records.
If you haven&#39;t had surgery the picture isn&#39;t so bad,when you get your insurance sorted get a new set done and perhaps monitor it for progression every 6 months.As an adult there isn&#39;t the same urgency in scheduling surgery as there is with a pre teen.
If you have severe pain and your curve is significant you may be offered surgery anyway regardless of progression.It&#39;s tough having to deal with much pain so soon after getting married.How soon do you think you&#39;ll have insurance set up?
Try to get an appointment with a scoliosis surgeon in your area.You can get a listing from the scoliosis research society
Hopefully you&#39;ll get some help with this . http://www.srs.org/