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26th January 2008, 11:56 PM
Allrighty I managed to "invent/improve/or use a method not taught yet" of Schroth this week... I call it the Sandman Exersize... I thought id share the pics here as well:


You see we use mirrors to help us see if our spines have the best "corrected" stature. I also have my hands on my head like that cause it allows me to stretch them sidewards and when looking at my back from behind shows a nice straight spine...


Sideways looks good too you eventually get the feeling for your own stature and can easy find it... The tattoo means friend ;)


Ok look at my spine and shoulders nicely alligned... My head has to be bend a little and look toward my right shoulder... Now explaining this exersize is not easy...

Firstly you allign yourself in the best stature/posistion what is best for your spine to be straight, hips etc. Then you try to "grow"/stretch while doing so you breath and try to breath into your problemzones in a specific way, its darn hard. Thirdly you stretch for instant here your arms/ellbows away and bend a little from the head to stretch the above part while doing so you breath out... repeat with breaks and or try not to let all air out of the lungs and breath more so they stretch even more... Darn, darn hard...

Not to forget to relax in between... this exresize can be done without aid and on the knees for those with knee problems. So far 3 theraphist ive shown it to outta 3 likes it. :)

Questionable if its an old exersize or a newly one by yours truly...

I saw also my new brace today or how it looks like its thin and you put it on and blow air into to get the pressure... odd system...

4th May 2012, 01:18 AM
Is it just me or there are '?'icons instead of the pictures?

4th May 2012, 08:55 AM
I think it looks like he has removed or some has removed them from the site that was hosting the pictures