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3rd July 2007, 08:03 PM
Hi there,

My daughter is having surgery in the next few weeks and will have to wear a brace probably until November. I'm having to order school uniform and she usually has a pinafore dress but I'm wondering if that's the best thing with a brace. But if she has a skirt, isn't the brace going to make her blouse pop out all the time?

Also, have you any idea how much her chest measurement, for example, will increase with a brace? All I know is that they expect her to be at least an inch taller (which she is ecstatic about!).


Rachie x

3rd July 2007, 10:09 PM
My 6 year old daughter just started to wear boston brace jacket. She normaly wears size 6-7 but now having the brace I started buying dresses, T-shirts and skirts size 8-9. Her 6-7 T-shirts still fit her but you can see the brace sticking out. I don't even atempt buying bigger jeans unless I am willing to shorten them. The best think are dresses and now there is a great choice of leggings if the weather gets bad. I can't help with the school uniform since Jessie's school policy doesn't require to wear one.
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4th July 2007, 12:28 PM
Hi Rachie,
My daughter is a good bit younger and has had a TLSO brace for a while and is in casts at the moment. Personally, I think pinafores are the best invention for braces and casts as they hang from the shoulder and don't look too bad if they are too loose in places. We find skirts and trousers are very hit and miss, as some tend to slip down off the brace and she will be forever trying to pull it up. Trousers can also slip down giving a very attractive builders bum look :D :D
If a pinafore is part of the uniform I would definitey go with that. In terms of sizes I would say go for one size up on the chest measurements, whilst braces are not too bulky, they do add some width.
Best of luck with the surgery and let us know how you get on

4th July 2007, 12:34 PM
Hi Rachie

I agree with the others. Erin always wears pinafores in winter. In the summer she wears the gingham dresses, but she has a problem getting these off so we wear skirt and polo shirt (doesn't have to be tucked in so we escape that problem) for PE days so she can change herself. Maddy is a bit older, so she may not have this problem of getting herself changed. Erin hasn't worn trousers (except leggings) since she was 2 (her choice), but they tend to be a bit of a nightmare as they slip off the brace quite easily and it's difficult for them to get them back on.

As for sizing, i'd probably go one up, no more. Erin is in 6 yr old pinafores, and she's almost 5. You may also find Maddy is more comfortable in bigger knickers, if she wants them to go up over the brace, rather than underneath, as the brace may rub against them.

Best of luck with the op. Do you have a date yet?
Hope that helps

4th July 2007, 10:28 PM
Hi Andrea,

We are off to GOSH on Friday for the pre-op assessment. We haven't been given a date for surgery yet and assume we will find out then.

Rachie x