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1st April 2007, 06:07 PM
Does anybody have really very tight calf muscles? Mine have been getting so tight that they hurt even when I'm sitting. It is not always possible for me to go to physio so I wonder is there anything I can do to help or stop this? I stretch the area every hour to see if that helps but as yet there is no change. Should I apply heat and then stretch? I'm sure some of you have this problem so what do YOU do? :help:


1st April 2007, 08:33 PM
Hi Lucy,

Do you wear high heels at all? They can cause the calf muscles to shorten. I used to wear heels a lot though, and mine never became much of a problem.

It's always best to do stretching when the muscles are warm, and I find that stretching after a hot bath works best of all.

My MBT shoes have really lengthened and strengthen my calf muscles so I can recommend getting some if possible. They tip your heel backwards and then make your foot roll forward with every step, and that really gives the calf muscles a work out.

Hope this helps!

Toni xx

4th April 2007, 05:03 PM
No, don't ever wear heels. Everything apart from Nikes is uncomfortable.

Tried stretching after a hot shower and it did feel a little easier, thanks. Yes I will get those shoes. I better get them online because I went to a special shoe shop that sold them but they don't stock anyting in my size (British size 4). Yes, I know, tiny feet!

5th April 2007, 07:54 PM
I find a hot bath and afterwards massaging with massage oil followed by gentle stretches. I then rest my feet on my footstool, which helps a great deal.

I also go walking every morning and do gentle stretches afterwards which helps.

Best of luck :squeeze:

5th April 2007, 11:47 PM
Hi Lucy like cork lass i find after exercise a hot bath really sorts out my calf muscles. Wow size 4 you do have small feet, i hope you can find something that makes life easier for you

take care


Amazed Jean
6th April 2007, 12:49 AM
Bubble bath - extra warm. Glass of wine nice and cold.

6th April 2007, 07:18 PM
Hi Lucy,

My scoliosis and lordosis makes my hips swell a bit and that makes me walk funny ( like a duck if you will ) and then my calf muscles hurt. I find going barefoot helps. I get a few looks round the office lol, but most tend not to question.

Plus theres always the bath and the wine method as persribed by amazed. I have great faith in this and know it helps lol.

7th April 2007, 05:04 AM
Thanks you guys!

I am having a lot of hot baths recently and doing about 10 minutes of different stretches in that area and it is getting a little better. Just now I went for a long walk with my dog and then had a long soak which was lovely. They are less tight now but the night cramps have begun again. Aaaagghh! But maybe that is because I've had a crap diet recently and am eating too much ready made food I stick in the microwave. That stuff tends to have way too much salt and i think that makes the calf problem worse for me. Any minerals or vitamins I should try apart from a better diet?

Thanks again
Miss Tiny Feet

Amazed Jean
7th April 2007, 06:44 PM
My daughter ( who gets leg cramps sometimes playing soccer, and occaisionally in her sleep) I think she ups her calcium and potassium - milk and bananas . I think you can get leg cramps from sitting too long and your legs are losing or trying to disseminate electrolites. So try not to sit in position too long. I am sure they don't know for sure what helps everyone but staying hydrated should help (drink some gator ade to restore any loat electrolites.) I know people who take vitamin B12 for leg cramps.
Her's a really odd thing a sports trainer once told us at a very rough soccer game in 100 degree heat - as soon as you feel a leg cramp - grab your upper lip and pinch it together - sideways - hard. Some peole have tried it and it hurt their lip but the cramp went away. Can't hurt so it might help.

I personnaly think someone could bash you in the head with a soccer ball too and you would forget about your leg cramps. Having been bashed in the head a few times with soccer balls (hard); I can attest that nothing else hurts quite so bad when your bell is ringing.!

9th April 2007, 07:16 PM
I get veyr tight calf muscles, they especially worsen overnight, and sometimes i'll go through 4-7 days worth of waking up and getting excrutiating cramp in them very first thing in the morning, before I have even tried to move the tiniest bit. It's so bad it scares me to go to sleep.
I have found going to the gym and using the bike and the treadmil gently has helped alot though.
Anyone got any ideas as why we all seem to suffer from this? x

Amazed: We don't get Gatorade in the UK! :( Nor do we get tab! Do u guys still get tab?


Amazed Jean
9th April 2007, 08:57 PM
I remember Tab but didn't like it anyway so I haven't watched for it. I don't think its still available though.

I can't beleive Gatorade hasn't "made the crossing." It's a sports drink which they made supposedly to help raise your electrolyte level before, during and after exheretion. It is like a whole giant business with them sponsoring teams and tournaments etc. My daughter first got it in the hospital at about 20 months old and she had a head injury and they didn't want to give her milk ( milk makes them puke with head injury). Anyways the wanted to hydrate her and not with an IV. Since that time I have had doctors advise its' use for colds, flu, upset tummies, diarrhea and of course sports hydration. It's pretty sugary so we always mix it 50/50 with water (also on doctor's advice). There are a million flavors and it's sold everywhere here along with knock offs, improvements, etc. The dousing of the head coach with the huge bucket of gatorade just before the ending of the big game is a tradition in national football games. Soccer players -just a tad smarter- drink the stuff and let the coach cool off on his own.

10th April 2007, 02:07 AM
I know....i've been waiting to see it appear on the shelves for about 4 years now! :*(

10th April 2007, 07:12 PM
Gatorade has not been much of a help over the years for me (apart from times when I have had stomach trouble and needed to rehydrate fast). But I can report that walking barefoot around the office has helped - thanks Debora. As long as it is on carpet 'cos otherwise it hurts my knees.

RocketQueen-I know what you mean about the night leg cramps. The only thing that helps me with that is to make sure i have had plenty of water during the day and not too much salt. Sweetners also make me cramp.

11th April 2007, 05:55 PM
Hi Lucy,
I also take vitamin B12 and calcium with vitamin D and have found great relief in my calf leg pain. Just as I was typing this I remembered that it is over a year since I had to get out of bed screaming in pain with my calf muscle locked in a cramp.

I have being taken the health supplements for about 10 months so I can highly recommend them.

All the best :squeeze:

18th April 2007, 04:47 PM
Lots of water, and less salt! I'll try and remember that Thanks x

19th April 2007, 05:40 PM
My first day on this site but yeh, I can totally relate to calf muscle pain..well its not so much pain as just really really uncomfortable. I was going swimming (in theraputic heated pool)which helped. My legs get so restless during the night however. I have begun taking B12 and try to keep active when I can but methinks its just a cross I will have to bear. Haha.

Lou x