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Round The Twist
6th February 2007, 08:11 PM
Went to see my Gp last week (about myself), when I walked in the door he said have you come about your Daughter? I said 'No, but we can talk about her if you like' :P
They got a 'strange' letter from the RNOH about DD asking for Gp to refer her to them for x-rays, obviously having Scoli myself I by-passed the Gp and went straight to my Surgeon so Gp knows/knew nothing about DD's curve.

Anyway, the basic outcome is that Gp won't refer her straight to RNOH cos he's 'not allowed' so she has to see Gp, they will refer her to local Hosp and once they have seen her they will decide if she needs to be referred to RNOH,
although having said that I will not be letting my local hospital touch her with a barge pole if she does have Scoli, I will be pressing very hard for a referral to RNOH :hammer:

All to do with money! Local PCT says no referrals to any specialist Hosp until patient is seen by local hopsital, don;t know whether to be glad or sad, maybe she will get seen sooner by local hosp? who knows.....?


6th February 2007, 08:26 PM
Originally posted by Round The Twist@Feb 6 2007, 07:11 PM
although having said that I will not be letting my local hospital touch her with a barge pole if she does have Scoli, I will be pressing very hard for a referral to RNOH :hammer:

Hi Kat! I wouldn't worry about your local hospital getting their hands on your DD! They are probably just sending her to the local hospital so that she can have inital x-rays, and possibly for a consult with an orthopeadic consultant, They will refer her on to someone in RNOH once they have a definate diagnosis. This happened in my case anyways!

All the best! :squeeze:

6th February 2007, 10:31 PM
There's also still the option, once some xrays have been done by the local hospital, of getting a private appointment at RNOH to bypass the system if it proves necessary. It's a shame your PCT doesn't have a contract with RNOH - it's surprising which ones do, as Aylesbury is a long old way from there too, but has a contract (which is how I was able to be referred directly, although of course I later swapped to Mr Webb in QMC). At least she should get seen fairly quickly and get the xrays done at the local which will get things kicked off :-)

7th February 2007, 12:15 AM
It's a pity Gerry Robinson couldn't 'fix the NHS'! (only relevant if you actually watched the program)

I work in the hospital that the program was filmed in, not that he came anywhere near the path labs - probably doesn't even know we exist - so I'm no stranger to how convoluted the whole system can be at times. It's so frustrating though, especially when you happen to be on the patient end of things.

I hope you can get your daughter seen quickly, it will be another weight off your mind as it's always easier once you know what you're dealing with.

Did the GP give you any idea of timescales?

9th February 2007, 10:15 AM
Hi Kat

When Erin was referred, our GP also couldn't refer her to RNOH (not that we knew it existed at the time) and could only refer her to the Royal London. He didn't bother with the local hospital as her case was "urgent" (you're either urgent or routine as far as the NHS goes). I guess our local hospital would have referred her to the London, so he just bypassed that step. It's frustratting, but unfortunately I guess everything has to go through the system.

Hope you get the appt through soon

9th February 2007, 11:27 AM
Hi Kat
We had to see a doctor at our local hospital before they refered us too. We were there for about 2 minutes. He looked at her x rays and gave us a choice of 2 hospitals who are spinal specialists. We chose QMC and had an appt within 3 weeks so it wasn't too bad!
Hope that you get somewhere soon!
Love Ella