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11th October 2006, 09:44 PM
Hi all,
Niamh had her cast removed on Monday and a mould made for her new boston brace. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the appointment with her as I was sick but her Dad did an admirable job.
Surprisingly, (to me) her back looks really good and has definitely improved immensly from a cosmetic point of view. She is going to be without a cast or brace for about 3 weeks while her brace is being made, which is what the consultant wanted to see how she reacts without any support. I will bring her for an x-ray in about 2 weeks to get a true picture of what is going on :-o
Will keep you updated,

Thaleias spirit
11th October 2006, 10:24 PM
Hiya Nicola,

Hope you are feeling a little bit better now....

Its good to hear she's looking well out of the cast. Here's hoping when ye get the xrays in a couple of weeks there will be no change.

Has Niamh said anything about not having the cast on the past few days? She must be finding it strange.


12th October 2006, 12:22 AM
Great that Niamh's back looked better to you. She will feel light as a feather for a few days I'm sure and perhaps more vulnerable (loss of suit of armour!).

12th October 2006, 11:00 AM
That's excellent news Nicola.I hope you're feeling better again.
Fingers crossed that Boston will suit her nicely and that things keep going so well for you.We're delighted to hear how well she's doing.

12th October 2006, 02:06 PM
Thanks guys, am recovering slowly :mope:
Chele, she is coping really well without the cast this time, is showing off her belly button to everyone :bounce:
She got a present of a Dora bath toy for being so good whilst they sawed her cast off and she hasn't wanted to get out of the bath since :D
Fingers crossed that it all works out, I will take some photos when I am up to it

12th October 2006, 02:49 PM

Wonderful news about her back !!! I don't know why doctors do things in such an extreme fashion i.e., she's in a cast for the longest time and then all of a sudden....NO support whatsoever. :-o

15th October 2006, 10:28 AM
That's great that she's looking so good without a cast. Fingers crossed that it continues and holds over the next 3 weeks.

Hope you're feeling better too :squeeze:

Amazed Jean
16th October 2006, 04:23 AM
Great news and we all wish that things continue to go the right way for her and that you feel well too!