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10th August 2006, 03:20 AM
While in the mood ill try give my full stoy hope you enjoy.....(sorry about the spelling :P)

Well i suppose it all started when someoe called me hunchback for the 1st time when i was at school, never really noticed it myself or i just tryed to ignore it. I remember going home looking at myself in the mirror and thinking it did't look that bad but i did have a problem but just ignored it in away thinking that it would just go away or something. I tryed to find pictures from when i was younger of me to see if i could notice anything but on everyone i was just faceing the camera as you do! After a while i thought i should go see my GP see what he said so i did and he said yeh but i will send to see a speicalist. So few months on i whent to see someone at QMC 1st of all had the xrays and felt a real clown in them gowns as it was my 1st in having a xray lol, has i was going back up to the clinic i had a look at my xrays and thinking it did look bad. I got told that it was't the worst that he had seen by a long shot and that he did't notice i had a problem on 1st look when i walked in, but he told me what my options was about having a rod put in and i said yes stright away not thinking about it and TBH i dont have a clue what was involved at all with the hole thing all looking back now i just wished i said no i dont want anything done but whats done is done. Well i was put on the list and it was a year and half or so untill i heard off them again, id really fogot about the whole thing by now getting on with my life job going out all the time going football the normal what i should be doing, since i left school had no real comments about my back i knew that people sometimes could notice it but i just want botherd it want like anyone come upto me and said it to my face. Looking back now at things like when i whent out then i would be happy in whereing just a shirt on its own unlike now where i dont feel rite less i got a jumper on.

Well came to it where i got the letter saying the date of when i would go in for the op and still not really thinking about as anything big, i really thought that i would be in hospital for few week out have month or so of taking it easy then back to normal. I whent in few week b4 the op for all the tests and so on talk with some of the people going who was going to do it and remeber one saying to me that his is just a cosmetic op which i suppose it and why should not of had it. Well the day came i whent in got a nice room on the ward which was nice i thought i did't want to be on the ward really, on the night b4 the op got told about when to stop eating and drinking. I was sat watching tv for ages that night still not thinking one bit about what was going to happen the next day. Well morning came got woke up at about 5 and really really did't want get up felt like saying just give me anonther few hours im nackerd, but draged meself up got a shower got the gown on and back into bed and wheeled off. When i was down waiting to go in i did start to get nervous and was shaking but it was freezing but soon came to it where got took in to where they put you to sleep and remember having abit of a joke suppose they do that to calm you down and i was really anyway but came to it where they put the white stuff into you and that feeling you get you just cart beat it! its so warm and makes you feel nice as you start to drop off, then its good night but its weird its not like you fall off then wake rite back up hard to explain. I can remember wakeing up for the 1st time and feeling strange could't move, i was in no pain and just ask did it go alrite and could i have a little drink as my mouth was so dry.

HDU member getting there mum and dad waiting for me not really shure what to say there not the types to be crying and that more make a joke of it, i was in abit of a mood and stayed like that for well months was so snappy all the time. The nurses was really nice to me though there all times i was in there but just more so i feel when i was in HDU, 1st time i really felt like this was really something serious was when i tryed to turn over abit to try sleep and just could't move hardly felt so annoying but nurses helped me do it. The next morning i got my 1st bed wash and felt so silly having it done just did't know where to look lol, then all the surgeon and so on came to talk to me and the physos came to get me out bed for the 1st time which was just horrible felt so not rite when they did, but i sat up then stood up they asked me if i wanted to walk but i said know then i fainted but i did't know this at the time just got told it later on when i woke back up again.

Got put back in my room later that day and least i got to watch some tele, dont really remember much else untill they took the drains out ater few days which really hurt when they did but felt better when they was out you start to feel normal as all the wires and so on come out. I started to get back on my feet walk about but still all wanted to do was lie back down just felt dizy all the time, did't know it at the time but it would of been the infection i got becuase at night i had some wired times like i thought sometimes there was other people with me in the room and i be like talking to them just really out of it and remember one night i chucked all my blankets on the floor for no reason. After two weeks day came to go home but again looking back i should't of gone becuase my wound was still wet and dripping with blood, when i did go home it was just i did't know what to do i sat down and it hurt to do so i could lay down there so had to go upto bed and was just so borad and ended up sleeping in my mums bed as it bigger then mine. Then as days whent by i got really bad one night i was just shaking so bad i felt so cold but at the same time i was so hot it was such a wierd feeling but had not been sick yet which later on would happen all the time. The nurse came round after a week or so too check on my wound but my dad said theres something not rite with it anyway it had opened rite up and was just all wet and did't look rite. So ended back in hospital told straight away that it was infected and need a wound wash the next day. This time i was put on the childrens ward which i did't like at all as the teles turned off at 8 and that was the only thing keeping me sane. Well had the wash out got told got alot of the goo and so on out and was put on a drip for two weeks but soon came longer as i spent about 4 weeks in as i got worst.

I just really found it hard to eat and just one look at something and i would be sick all i ever did all day and no once could understand why they gave me drugs to try stop it but nothing, i when back home in the end but like few more weeks i was back in same thing over n over and after abit i lost 3 stone in weight really looked bad and my back i never really got chance you recover and get about as i was dealing with the infection. My wound would never close if it did it soon opened again i thought i was getting better but no, i had the op in january and it was like september now and i had been in and out of hospital all the time and my wound was geting better i had one of those pumps where it keeps it dry all the time by sucking on a dressing all the time but i had to carry this big pump around and with me finding it hard to get about anyway did't help things. Also by this time we had just had enough of the QMC never really liked the hospital becuase for other reasons but just way i was treated as i had to keep going back in to had my dressing changed and no real appointments setup just like come in any any times wait ages to be seen then when i did was in some like store room which was dirty.

After a while when i was back in hospital i plastic surgeon was sent to see me and look at my wound as they was thinking about a mussile and skin graft, the surgeon was nice did get on with him and i remembe when he gave my wound a clean out it felt so strang as it was so big and deep he was had is hole hand inside it when cleaning it and it just felt so weird i remember looking at a picture if it and was not nice could see the metal work and just that i was walking around with this hole in my back wish i asked for a copy of it now. Well time when on and the would did head but it pushed the rod out so had to have abit of it cut out and soon enough the wound was back open. I would be walking around and could here blood slushing about in it as it was just like hollow, the rod started showing again and enough was enough and it was just not going to heal so had all the metal work took out. I was glad i nevet felt rite with it in and it felt better to get it all out, again was back in and it being big op was finding it hard and physos came to get me out of bed and remember when i did get up without the rod i just felt my back crack and must of got the curve back again, i was told though that there was some good solid bone left and id be given a brace to where. So i whent off to have one moulded and this is not nice having it done as you can beally stand up and it just feel weird having the plater stuff put on you, i never really got on with my brace and again looking back i should of just got on with it and whore it more as i just did't much as should of. I had a new one a few times as it kept not fitting me.

As time whent on my wound did heal up and left with a horrilbe like dent in top of my back which looks worst with way my back is, but as time got on i started to feel like myself again i stoped fainting all the time which i dint say i done that loads every time i got up i got head rush and just fall down really not nice as i would just fall on my face all the time lucky did't do some harm! It had been about year or so now and that was it really it was just get on with it i go really bad pain in my shoulder and still do but not bad as then and get to where i am now and just glad that i feel like myself which all i wanted for ages with all the infection and what it does to you.

Now as iv said in my other posts some days just had enough of it all but today is a good one dont know why but just living life one day at a time and not thinking about whats going to happen in the furture, i have't made my mind up if im going tp go back in and just hope if i do i dont have to go through all that again. Becuase its not just me who suffors its me mum and dad they have to go through it too and i feel bad as know they dont want to have to go throught it.

Well thats me all done cart think of no more and im falling asleep well hope dint bore you too much with all that people!

Amazed Jean
10th August 2006, 03:36 AM
Chris, That's some story! I read most of it with tears in my eyes. You have been through the mill - I'm sorry. I am old enough to be your Mom and have very large curves. Never having had treatment I am not one to talk about surgery but when I read about the emotional pain - I hurt for you. Somehow since I've been on this site I feel less depressed. Knowing that there are really others out there helps. I hope we can be there for you whatever you decide to do. Hang in there.

10th August 2006, 09:59 AM
Hi Chris

Sorry to read about all the pain and suffering you have been through. I'm glad you found this site because we are here to support you. I t sounds like you have a really supportive family who have looked after throug h all your troubles. I hope things continue to get better and like i saud we are here to support you in whatever we can

Take care


10th August 2006, 12:40 PM
Woah! You really have been through the mill :(

I'm actually really surprised that they didn't admit you to have you on IV antibiotics - I had my revision surgery at QMC, done by Mr Webb, and there were fears that I had an infection after my surgery so they kept me in longer than they normally would, and did have me on IV Vancomycin for a few days (that's one of the few evil antibiotics which are still effective against superbugs). In the end they decided it was unlikely that I did have an infection and sent me home, but with the proviso that if anything at all changed, or there was any reason at all to worry, I should come back immediately, and be prepared to be admitted for in-patient treatment until they were certain that it had cleared. This was back in October 2002.

I'm really sorry that you didn't get the same kind of consideration, and have had these kinds of problems as a result :( Despite this, I can't actually think of anywhere in easy reach of Nottingham where you would be better to go, especially as that is now a significant kyphosis.

Are you seeing the same surgeon again? Perhaps you could arrange to see a different surgeon there, as although some of the treatment is general protocol of the hospital, each surgeon then has their own approach to a lot of problems, so you might perhaps feel better with a different one dealing with the problem. I had Mr Webb, and John (zerodegrees here on the board) had Mr Grevitt. Catherine (flump) recently had her surgery done at QMC by Mr Sell, who I think is not technically a QMC surgeon, but does his surgeries there because of access to the equipment that's needed. We've all been very happy with our outcomes, so perhaps seeing one of them (assuming it is not one of them you had your bad experience with) would be a good idea?

Whatever the case though, I think you would do well to discuss with the surgeon what precautions would be taken this time to prevent another infection. After one which has been so severe, they may consider things such as giving you antibiotics for a period of several weeks after the surgery as a just-in-case sort of measure. I'm sure there are other things they can consider as well.

Also, it might be worth going along and talking to the PALS (I think they're somewhere near to xray if I remember rightly?) and see if there is anything they can do to help. They might be able to have someone come along to an appointment with you to help you get answers for example, if you don't feel too confident talking to the doctors.

24th September 2006, 11:06 AM
Hi Chris

I have'nt seen you around the site for a while

I hope things are ok with you

10th October 2006, 09:48 PM
Hey people, sorry not been on few problems with the PC and not been able to get on...

Thaleias spirit
10th October 2006, 09:55 PM
Just re-read your story and I acn see exactly why you are apprehensive about doing any more about it. It is hard see the parents upset but they don't want to see you suffer either.

Have you thought any more about seeing perhaps a new consultant and getting another opinion about your case Chris?


10th October 2006, 10:04 PM
I think about nothing else but what im going to do, just at the same time im trying not to as it just gets me so down. My consultant said that to ring him back any time if i want to go ahead and sort out about going back in for the op and i think i will keep with him.

its just that its a really big thing for me and everyone well feels like it and i just feel like that its going to effect not just me but my mum and dad too. I suppose i just got to make the call and make the plunge just go for it, suppose this time i will be abit better i know what im in for. Then again keep hearing on TV about problem with NHS i feel i should put it off wait till things get better, i really dont want to get an ifection again i cart handle that again just too much for me.