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26th June 2006, 03:12 AM
Hey everyone i was just wondering if anybody has had success with the boston brace in trying to help their scoliosis. If so, how long did you have to wear it and what degrees were your curves. Thanks abunch. :angel:

26th June 2006, 10:28 AM
I asked the same question a year ago when i joined the forum, and nobody who replied than could report that a boston had either stopped progression or even reversewd the scoliosis. At best there was slowing down of progressiuon.

One issue is that actually "proper" Boston braces are hardly being used in this country, as far as i can gather most patients end up with a TLSO, which sits exactly fitting round the trunk, and is custom made using a plastercast.

A proper boston is an "off the shelf" brace, which has spaces and pressure pads build in, which allow for pressure on certain points and space to move into on the other side of the brace and which can be adjusted over time. (A TLSO cannot be adjusted once it has been fitted)

A TLSO is used because it is less visible than a boston and also more comfortable. Interesting enough though; all the research re effectiveness of hardbracing seems to be with regards to Boston braces, I have seen no research article with regards to the use of TLSO's. I think the assumption is that effectiveness is similar as they look similar, but again, there is no evidence for that.

According to the literature, for a Boston to have a chance of halting progression (which is mostly the best you can expect) it needs to give a improvement whilst wearing it as close as possible to 50 % and it needs to be worn more than 20 hours a day (some say up to 23 hours a day) and clearly needs to be started whilst there is still significant growth left.

Hope that clarifies


26th June 2006, 03:25 PM
Wow !!!!!! That really does clarify! I never knew the difference between the TLSO and the Boston brace. Thanks Gerbo :kiss:

26th June 2006, 08:27 PM
I wore Boston Brace for 23hours a day but unfortunately i had to go on to have surgery.

26th June 2006, 08:58 PM
I wore a brace (boston style TLSO i think :S) for 23 hours a day for nearly 2 years, and even though it didnt prevent surgery (well it nearly did) Mr Taylor was really happy that it managed to prevent my curves from getting much worse. Without it the surgery would be a much harder and more complicated procedure, so the brace is worth it!

Little Ali
26th June 2006, 09:56 PM
I had a Boston Brace from when I was about 4 until I was 12. There was no way I could've worn mine for 23 hours per day! :soapbox: It used to rub and pinch my armpits and was soooo uncomfortable! :thwack:

Now I'm older and wiser to the possible benefits of it, I would be more likely to perservere with it, but at a young age, I just wanted to be more comfortable. But then again, I'm not sure how much difference it would've made anyway seen as my kyphosis has devloped after I was told to stop wearing the brace. :-?

Yeah, thanks for that explanation Gerbo! :niceone:

10th July 2006, 06:16 PM
Thank you to everyone who has responded... i started out wearing my brace for 23 hours a day for 1 year. I went back to the doctor after that 1 year and he wanted me to wear my brace for 3 months at night. Then i went back and he told me to wear it 4 more months at night and to come back in August. So, i go back to the doctor in August to see whether or not i have to have surgery. The doctor said my spine has moved back somewhat to where it needs to be but i'm not sure if it's good enough considering how big my curve degree was to start with. Thanks again... :angel:

Little Ali
18th July 2006, 10:38 PM
That's fab news! :niceone: