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21st June 2006, 06:54 PM
I had my check up today, partly a follow up from the epidural steroid injection that I had a few weeks ago. I was able to see Mr Webb, which was good as I had specifically asked to see him - as some of you know, there have been some changes recently which have caused me some concerns.

He apologised that he was short on time, so I brought up almost immediately the fact that I have developed a lean to the right and cannot stand up straight for the life of me. He went back to check my xrays and said that yes, Feb 2005 I had a very slight lean, but nothing like it is now, and asked if it hurts to stand up straight. I didn't think it did, but he was pretty sure I was guarding. He got me to try to stand up straight, and helped me to balance myself, and I shrieked quite loudly because it flipping hurt! I pointed out where it hurt, there was a pain over the left Sacro Iliac joint.

He is pretty certain that I have facet joint problems, and that I need to try a facet joint steroid injection, because apparently the pain is exactly where he'd expect referred pain from the facet joint to be. He's not eager to do more surgery yet, because "it would be a big surgery again" - understated, but I guess that confirms my fear that things are unstable enough that there's no simple decompressions for me, or anything like that - the next time around, its the big one, to the sacrum.

Still, if I wasn't so ill with this horrible virus (and probable chest infection), I'd actually be doing a little happy dance here! As far as I am concerned this is good news, because as long as the facet joint injections actually work, that could buy me a lot of time, and there's not an actual increase in the curvature of the unfused area, only an apparent one :-) I've got a reprieve! :glee:

21st June 2006, 09:06 PM
As I said when I chatted with you earlier, this is good news! :D It's such a relief to know that your "leaning over" wasn't due to broken hardware/pseudoarthrosis. I hope you get to have the facet joint injections done soon :-)

21st June 2006, 09:50 PM
Its good that you got to see Mr Webb and you know whats causing the pain i hope too that you get the Facet Joint injections soon.Take care xx

Amazed Jean
21st June 2006, 09:51 PM
Titch, I hope you get some relief soon. Its annoying that you can't get an easier long term fix. I guess we take what we can. I hope things get better for you soon!

22nd June 2006, 02:01 AM
That's a great relief - problems with new bits are, of course, easier to treat on their own than problems with something as complicated as a fusion. Hope the injections will bring lasting and complete relief!

Little Ali
22nd June 2006, 05:30 PM
I hope they can help you with the facet joint injections :squeeze: