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3rd June 2006, 07:47 AM
Hi everyone,

I am new to this website. I was diagnosed with Kyphosis in 2003. I noticed I had bad posture in high school but no doctor ever told me that I had Kyphosis. I have suffered with low back pain since high school. The pain only got worse since 2003. I had a baby which only weighed 4 lbs 15 oz in 2003 and I was in so much pain I could hardly hold or carry my baby. I was just diagnosed with Shermanns Kyphosis last monday. I went to a spine clinic. The doctor prescribed 4 weeks of therapy. He also is sending me to get cordizone shots on my low back for the pain I suffer for degenerative disc disease. It is so painful it runs down my legs - my ankle. He told me after therapy to schedule an appointment and we would discuss surgery. He showed me a model which showed rods and screws. "They were big rods and screws" !!! It looked painful. He told me I would have a very big cut on my back and that it would take about 6 months to recover.

If anyone has had surgery for Shermans Kyphosis please let me know if it was worth it. Let me know if there was alot of pain, recovery time, big scar etc. I have a 3 year old and wonder who will watch him. I don't know if I will be able to watch him after surgery. How long did you stay in the Hospital? My mom thinks that I would have to have therapy after surgery to help me learn to walk again. I live on the second floor and wonder if I would have problems climbing those stairs after surgery.

Please help me with all my questions. I'm very scared cause I am also diabetic and have a mild heart condition.


3rd June 2006, 10:41 AM
Hi evee

welcome to SSO

We have lots of people who have surgery for Scheuermann's there's Phil, zerodegrees (john), andy and sally.

I'm sure once they read your post they will be able to giv you some advice and tell you about the experiences they have had. Where abouts in the world are you from and do you know who your surgeon wil be.

Have a look at the pinned links in this forum theres lots of information in there about surgery. Try not to worry too much you've found the right place here and we will support you through surgery if that's what you need.

Take care


3rd June 2006, 04:41 PM
Hi and welcome.
Sorry you've had such a lot of pain, hopefully they'll manage to control it until you're ready to make your decision about surgery.
Dealing with a small child and spine surgery is nit easy, lifting will be out of the question and I think you'd need someone helping you for the first six weeks.Check with your surgeon and ask if you would be ok to climb stairs soon post op.
I expect they'd arrange some physical therapy and make sure you were able to care for yourself to some degree before discharge.
I think you may have to rely on your mom and some good friends to get you through the first six weeks.
Curvy has experience of the american system after surgery and may be able to offer some more support.
Hope you get the pain under control soon.

4th June 2006, 06:33 AM
Hi Mark & Sins.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. Thank you both for all the helpful information. I will look into the pinned links. I hope I don't have problems finding it.

I do have a great doctor. His name is Dr. Simmons III. I found his name in the Kyphon website. He works in a Spine Clinic. I liked that on my first visit he sent me for a full spine xray. He measured my curvature and he explained the xrays and the measurements. He is great. I felt relieved because he went out of his way to tell me there is hope for my back. I don't like how my back curves and I feel that everyone is looking at me.

Evee :-)

6th June 2006, 02:31 PM

Hi evee,

I have just seen your note about possible surgery. Although I dont have Kyphosis, I have just had surgery for a 70 degree scoliosis. I too have a three year old, and was concerned about what would happen whilst I was recovering.

The week I was in hospital, she went to stay with relatives, therefore she wouldn't have noticed I was 'missing' from home. Once I was home I did have support from friends and family. I found that once I explained mummy couldn't play or pick her up, she was very adaptable. She has recently installled herself as my nurse!

There are things you can do to keep the closeness, my partner use to sit her on my knee for a cuddle, and also place her in bed next to me for a cuddle too.

It is not easy, and at the beginning after surgery, I found the noise and general things 3 year olds do very tiring.

I hope this helps, I am truly amazed at how well my little girl adapted.

Good luck with everything.


8th June 2006, 07:28 AM

Im trying to put my 3 year old in Respite care. This service will take care of him 24/7 in a 2 story Historical Home. My son has several medical problems which he was approved for the service. I just dont know if I could put him in this home away from relatives and myself. I feel that he would feel abandoned. I am not sure what to do. I am prolonging my surgery cause I dont have anyone to watch him. My mom lives with me but works. They kind of dont get along. Sometimes there is fighting and jealosy and there is love. My son is very hyper due to his brain injury. Im scared that he will hurt me cause he is so close to me and he will not understand that I will be hurting.


13th June 2006, 02:42 AM
Hi Evee from California

www.scoliosislinks.com- you will find how to prepare before and after surgery and other great tools. There are other great links on the website posted by Mark.

I had my surgery Feb 10 2006 for degenerative disc disease/Schuermanns Posterior only & just like you, I probably could have had it sooner if diagnosed properly but you are now on your way. I am 44 years old so the younger you have it the better but technology is also improving....they have a new synthetic bone fushion which is still in the experimental stage but this means no recovery from extracting bone from the hip which was just as painful as the back surgery for me.

Recovery -The Dr. is definitely right that you won't feel yourself until 6 months. I am still in pain especially near my shoulder blades but this is getting better. ....I need to give it another couple of months before I can become a cheerleader for the surgery.....i know comestically I look better it was 92 degrees -now around 43 but if thats the only reason than NO do not have the surgery....they cant correct it completely because than the spinal cord could snap as the Dr put it. I am also working out 4 times a week and getting better so I definitely see the benefits of going to physical therapy...wish I could go to more than my 24 visits allowed by insurance.

Hospital stay for me was 6 days...one extra day because they were trying to find the right dose of pain killers for me.

I stayed with my parents for almost 2 mos. I spent a lot of time sleeping the first few weeks and was up a lot of nights with rolling spasms...my parents applied frozen peas which seemed to help. I was told the muscle spasms are caused from the realigning of the muscles...You need to tell the therapists at the hospital that you live on the 2nd floor....they will have you pratice at the hospital. I also stayed upstairs at my parents house so you can get up and down...also I had the hospital give me a walker....I used that for about 2 weeks to go for walks...they want you to walk as soon as possible and it helped get rid of the "stiffness" you will feel especially in the morning.

As far as the scars I also have one near the the tip of my butt where they had to extract the bone for the fushion. Yes its a long scar on the back. Many people on this website have posted pictures before and after so I recommend looking at those. Just make sure you have a great support system.... I still need them because honestly some days are harder than others. It also sounds like you are in Alot more pain than I was before so the surgery maybe more of an improvement for you. Did the Doctor tell you the degree of your curve?

Luckily I did not have a younger child to look after. I remember when my son was three so your Mother will need be the "Mom" for at least the first few weeks. I hope I did not freak you out but I did not want to surgar coat it.....dont forget my age and who knows how long I have had that degree of curve.

Anyways all I can recommend is do your research....get referrals from your Drs. previous patients that had the same surgery. Mention all your concerns to your doctor and definitely get your regular doctor involved concerning your heart and that your diabetic. I decided to have the surgery FOR ME because I was more scared of what could happen if I DIDNT have the surgery.

If you have anymore questions you can email me directly at tinacovi@yahoo.com.

13th June 2006, 02:54 AM
Oh Evee,

Im so sorry I did not read your 2nd response regarding your Mother. Thats really tuff with your son needing special care also. I hope the special care works out for you. Well I would wait and see....the physical therapy may help so you may be able to wait until the timing is better. You definitely need someone to help at least the first few weeks. Do you have insurance that would cover in home care?

THey have passed the family leave and disability act but depending on your Moms financial needs that may not be an option.