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3rd February 2006, 07:12 PM
Hi Gang,

Just thought I'd give you brief update on my progress. Well I'm now 14 weeks post op & finally seem to be turning a corner. I almost feel "human" again at last 8)

I go to physio every couple of weeks & I have a routine of exercises that I have to do at home every day. I am walking about 1 mile a day and in the last 2 weeks have been at the swimming pool. It is almost like learning to swim again with my new spine & am now up to 8 breadths.

Drugs wise I am still on a rather large cocktail. I am only on morphine at bedtime & take tremadol & voltarol thru the day with a paracetamol chaser 8)

Pain wise. I still have quite a lot of pain but can live with it. My back still "creaks" occasionally which is a tad disconcerting. Still sleeping well too.

State of mind is variable! Occasionally I am incredibly fed up as I still run out of steam quickly but on the whole I am still very positive. The back is looking good but sometimes think "its coming back"! Which I am assured it isn't! I think this is common after surgery.

Go back to QMC on 6 March for my 2nd follow up. This time they'll be doing x-rays which will be my first since discharge. I'm really keen to find out how I'm really doing.

Got another 12 weeks off from the doc. Luckily work aren't harassing me but unfortunately my sick pay runs out next month which is a bit scary.

The best bit - next week Des & I are off on a well earned holiday. Des has completely run out of energy (no wonder) so flying to Antigua then a lovely 9 day cruise round the Caribbean. Hopefully I'll be ok sitting on a plane for that long. Will be strange being the passenger & not the crew! Will have many pina colada's for you all!

Anyway, thats all for now. Nearly forgot - am STILL watching star trek dvd's! Think I am actually going to have pointed ears shortly!

live long & prosper my friends

love john xxxx

3rd February 2006, 07:41 PM
John, ur obv doing fablously! :). Glad u seem to have turned a corner.
It;s a shame ur not being treated at Stanmore, I am there on the 6th of March.
Yes please have a pina colada for me tooo x

3rd February 2006, 08:02 PM
Glad to hear your doing so well John Keep it up and have a fantastic holiday you and Des deserve it.

Little Ali
3rd February 2006, 10:17 PM
Well done John! You're doing fab! :niceone:

4th February 2006, 01:21 AM
Wow, nice time to go on a cruise. 8-)
Glad to hear you're doing so well.

4th February 2006, 12:40 PM
John, I read that and thought i could have written that. The bit about it 'coming back' is still haunting me and i feel it may be something we have to live with for a while. Glad most is going well though John.

4th February 2006, 01:02 PM
*does klingon salute* hang on.. is that the right thing? i was going to say "na-noo na-noo" but then remembered that's mork and mindy... ok i'll shut up instead :D



have a great time in the caribbean! i'm jealous but getting some sun myself soon. you can always talk to me if you're feeling too crazy! though i seem to be working a lot these days, though you can always drop me a text

good to hear you're progressing. swimming and walking are really good for you. i also have a suspicion that once you get off the drugs eventually (i'm not trying to rush you, this is just my wild guessing) you might feel a little better, slightly less altered and all!

oh and the whole "scoliosis returning paranoia"? i STILL have that. it's going to be ages before i can convince myself my body will stay this way

4th February 2006, 01:41 PM
The best bit - next week Des & I are off on a well earned holiday. Des has completely run out of energy (no wonder) so flying to Antigua then a lovely 9 day cruise round the Caribbean.

I'm soooo jealous,have a wonderful holiday, you both thoroughly deserve it.I reckon the warm weather will have a beneficial effect on creaking spines 8)
seems to me that you're doing very well for such a major reconstruction.
Have a great time!

4th February 2006, 02:06 PM
Ooooh, a Caribbean cruise, you lucky thing!!! Have a great time, you totally deserve it! It sounds like you're doing really well with all the swimming and exercise :D

5th February 2006, 08:10 PM
Hi John

Sounds like you are doing well. The "creaking" back thing sounds like mine. I used to panic every time my spine clicked but I think that the odd bit of movement is enevitable after such major surgery. Mine still does it now after 6 months !

That will be great to have xrays done and really see how things are progressing. Good luck with that.

Have a great holiday - sounds like it is well earned