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9th October 2005, 10:06 PM
I went to the GP last week. I have been getting increased pain so thought i would see what i could get them to do.

I explain how i felt. Said to her i am still a few months before surgery. Is there anything they can offer like pain management or physio. She explained there is a 4 month waiting list for physio and a 12 month list for pain management. She then went on to imply i was a hypochondriac.

I was not happy at all. So i POLITELY explained how i understood her lack of knowledge would lead to such an opinion. I further asked what she could do about it. She offered the normal tablets which have never worked for me.

GPs annoy me so much, I went to have a word with the Prison Doctor who has got me on a free course of acupuncture starting Thursday. Anyone have any experience with Acupuncture or Bad GPs?

BTW, some pics of my back, excuse my not so great figure.
http://www.scoliosis-support.org/modules/m...wcat.php?cid=54 (http://www.scoliosis-support.org/modules/myalbum/viewcat.php?cid=54)

9th October 2005, 10:15 PM
I'd be delighted to take up the accupuncture offer Phil. Go for it.
Personally I'd prefer to have that than to challenge my liver with antiinflammatories before it becomes necessary. if your GP doesn't take your pain cioncerns seriously, then I think you have a very good viable plan B.

9th October 2005, 10:27 PM
I definately think the acupuncture is worth a go.
Your GP needs some re training I think. If a patient presents with chronic pain and has been down all the usual drug avenues then they should be referred to a pain specialist. They will then look at your history and decide how long you need to wait to see them. So it is possible to be fast tracked and not wait a year .But I suppose if you haven't got a sympathetic GP then thats not possible.

I had a bad GP years ago who failed to recognise scolioisis when my parents took me there at aged 15. He told them to take me home and forget about it and here I am at age 35 and recently had the surgery I should have had back then.


9th October 2005, 10:33 PM
Good luck with the acupuncture Phil! I'd love to try that.

I was told that the waiting list for the Pain Clinic I attend was about a year, but they fast-tracked me once I stressed to them how important it is to me that I get back to work as quickly as possible, so it can be done....

9th October 2005, 11:11 PM
I dont think private sessions are that much. Apparently for my treatment many of the needles will be in my ear. This should eleviate pain and stress.

I may go back to the GP at some point. I find them very hard to talk to. They are supposed to know so much and i feel silly telling them what i want and to do.

10th October 2005, 01:52 AM
Phil- If my doc ever spoke to me ike that. I would ask for a new one.

Hmmm acupuncture. Well here's what I know. My mum has it for a number of problems, depression, IBS, tiredness.

My dad has it for the pain in his knee.

They have both reported that it is beneficial.

Haven't looked at your pics yet, but will do so in a sec. x

10th October 2005, 09:58 AM
i'd love to try acupuncture, i've always liked the sound of it *weirdo*

anyways, phil if you like the army will mobilise and we'll give that GP what for. claire's right in that some GPs don't know what they're talking about. i've lived in sussex for ten years, seen a GP once and he referred me straight to RNOH. i was lucky and i know it.

let us know how the acupuncture goes or try to make an appointment with another GP at the practice?

10th October 2005, 10:55 AM
Hi Phil,

I gave up smoking with acupuntcutre which is not related to pain but considering how addictive smoking is, then there must be something in it.
As for gp's - having recently moved to the wilderness we registered with our new gp who we thought would be good considering we live in the country. Went to see him & he A) didn't look at me B) continued typing into his computer while I was talking. I was totally outraged. Have a word with the practise manager & send off a later to your local health authority. I think my gp is just "bored" and feels like he is working in a factory, however sometimes they forget that we are all individuals & the only reason we are there is because we have a geniune problem.
Wow - you managed to get me ranting there. My bored gp is guaranteed to press buttons in my ranting department!
Hope you get some success Phil. When is your surgery due now?



10th October 2005, 02:20 PM
Hi Phil

I totally agree with Zerodegreees. It would definately be worth speaking to the practice manager about the GP in question. Failing that I am sure a letter to your local health board would make them sit up and listen. With the new GP contracts now up and running, complaints have to be dealt with seriously and you will be notified of the outcome. Please don't be afraid to do it because you would be surprised at the minor things some people complain about and you have a justified reason for doing so.

10th October 2005, 07:38 PM
Hi Phil,

I was referred to physio through my consultant rather than the GP and had appointments within a month. May be worth going down that route. If I had gone to the GP it may have taken longer, depending on waiting times. I know someone has been waiting for physio referral through the GP now for 6 months.

Or you could do what I did when I didn't want to wait and pay for a private physio. I looked into it for a time and I think it was about 30 for an hour (I am SOOOOO doing the wrong job!).

It isn't all it's cracked up to be though. I have a third appointment this week and whilst the pain is less now I think it is only because I haven't been going to the gym, had time off from work and stopped the physio exercises because I hurt more afterwards than I did before! I'm no expert but when you are hurting 24 hours on from a little bit of physio......it can't be good for you. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Hope it gets sorted for you soon.


10th October 2005, 09:21 PM
If i am to pay, i want a service not provided for free. I swear by chiropractors and pay 25 per session, that lasts 15 mins. See how the acupuncture goes. Thanks for the comments people.

11th October 2005, 01:04 AM
Karen i ma prolly wrong, but mebbe the physio hurt coz it was working.
Like becuase ur muscles are working in a nu way, they are bending and stretching, and hurt, but they will get better after u have been doing it for a bit? Or r u just pushing urself abit hard? I dunno, I am proly wrong, x

11th October 2005, 12:15 PM
Ok maybe im a freak but i would never have acupuncture! Extra needles! I think im Ok with out thanku v much!

Good luck with it all Phil, wishin you all the best!

11th October 2005, 06:58 PM
Only getting round to reading this post phil....and I can't believe how arrogant your GP is! grrr!
The waiting lists on the NHS...are all up the left!

I have had one experience of acupunture.....when I was first d/n I think I ony had one needle put in tho....it didn't hurt...and I am not sure if it helped! But Good luck!