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4th October 2005, 11:45 AM
Hi Troops,

Sorry I've been away for a few days but we had to travel from darkest Scotland to Nottingham for my pre-op which was yesterday.

I'll give you the specifics but don't fall asleep!

QMC was very nice, the spinal unit staff were lovely & very professional which was a good start!

Had my SEP (spinal monitoring) which was a tad disconcerting when they make your legs & arms twitch but at least I actually have some signals entering my brain which was a huge surprise!

Had, ecg then a full heart scan due to dodgy family history! (both fine). Had bloods, urine & nasal swab(lovely!)

Had a zillion xrays including some very uncomfortable ones lying backwards overy a bolster! (not bent like that for many a year!) Was in xray for ages as the surgeons were having a case conference at the same time about me and kept requesting different xrays as they couldn't decide how to fix me!

Finally at the age of 36 remembered to ask for my measurements. My kyphosis is 80 degrees & my scoliosis is 70 degrees.

Now for the gory details: Still having 2 stage surgery, anterior release/posterior fusion. However they are going to do both on the same day!!!!!!! They are going to do my anterior release thorascopically still deflating my lung etc. Then flipping over for the posterior fusion. They are going to do both my kyphosis & scoliosis. The length of the fusion is longer too. My small man brain has forgotten the technical details but it starts at t2 & will extend to just above my hips.

Saw the 3 surgeons involved led by Mr Grevitt who was a bit scary but I have every confidence in him.

All in all I feel much more positive about surgery mainly due to (a) you guys (b) the professionalism of the staff.

Let me know what you all think & if we know of anyone who has had surgery this way.

Cheers guys (less than 2 weeks to go)!


ps I'm sure it will not come as a surprise to you all but I was on the ceiling all day & I think they are seriously thinking of putting me in the childrens ward due to my complete lack of bravery!

4th October 2005, 11:49 AM
that's really good news that the staff filled you with confidence, i was really glad to find that there was a whole hospital of staff who knew what they were doing and it wasn't just my surgeon who was an expert...if that makes sense.

lucky you having two stages in one go! i mean that, not being sarcastic, it means you get it all over and then have to recover once. did they say how long they anticipate you being in surgery?

good news that you're healthy too

4th October 2005, 11:53 AM
Yeah I am very happy for you zeroddegree's and it is good to know ur feeling positive.

Chin up sweety x

4th October 2005, 12:29 PM
You'll probably have a similar length fusion to mine then - I'm T3 to L4. The bending over a bolster is interesting - guess that's the kyphosis equivalent of a bending xray for scoliosis, to give them an idea of the flexibility of the curvature. I would guess (in a totally non-expert fashion ;-)) that perhaps the kyphosis is more flexible than they had expected it to be, and this is why they are now thinking it can be done in one day. It'll be good if they can as it'll get it over and done with :-)

4th October 2005, 12:30 PM
It's good that you're having the first stage thoracoscopically.Instead of having a large scar down your side you'll just have a few tiny scars from where the instruments were inserted through a portal.There is one person who had a thoracoscopic first stage release!
Her pics are in the gallery.if you're not squeamish look up Jaedyn's gallery.Be warned, the pics are quite graphic but very informative.Most people complain about the pain of the anterior incision, but seeing as they're not doing an open surgery, you should be spared all or most of this.
I have to say it all sounds very good and you certainly have an expert team, who have the most recent trechnology at their disposal.
This is as good as it gets.

4th October 2005, 01:19 PM
Hi John,

It's great that you are sounding so positive! It's great to hear that you'll be spared a long anterior incision, as that really was the most painful part for me (worse than a costoplasty, even) - they usually have to cut through so many muscles it leaves you feeling really battered, like you've been crushed under a huge block of cement!

Keep smiling, and look forward to the correction that all those docs are going to get for you :hammer:

Toni xxx

4th October 2005, 01:42 PM
Hi John! Thank you for the update, I am pleased to hear it went so well! Your pre op was quite similar to mine, but I guess it would be since its near enough the same surgery...I thought the SEP was fun, but a little annoying after a while....
I kind of had the same surgery you will be having....Anterior release and posterior fusion, expect mines wasnt thoracoscopically (pheww....that is a big word to pronouce :P)
I think its good your having two stages at once, cos its definately less stress IMO. I sure wouldn't want to go through another surgery!

Your scoliosis curve is quite a big one....is that the first time it has been measured? I hope it wasnt too much of a shock hearing about it!

Don't worry about your surgery, you seem to have a highly experienced surgical team! These next few weeks will fly by for you (sorry) and the next thing you'll know you'll be 6weeks post op like me!

:D We're supportin ya all the way John! *holds up a GO JOHN sign* :P

Thaleias spirit
4th October 2005, 08:26 PM
Good to hear it all went okay John.

I bet the fact that the staff and hospital were all nice out you at ease instantly. I know erlier this year when I went in for xrays etc they were all so lovely I didn't nat to go home after 4 days.

I must say that the xray that involved you lying backwards overy a bolster sounds painful!! I found it painful enough having to lean sideways! And yes, one person will tell you stand in one position but another person will come in and say "no.. dr wants a different angle etc .. "

It's great when you get to meet all the surgeons together beforehand, must be very comforting in a way.

It will all be over soon enough !!


5th October 2005, 12:57 AM
Yeh send us a pic of ur smiling face when its over John! x

5th October 2005, 01:00 AM
Great to hear everything went well John you know where all here for you you take it easy now.


5th October 2005, 08:59 AM

Cheers troops,

You reall are all the best. Be under no illusions you too have all paid your part in boosting my confidence enough for me to go through with it. Thats not to say you wont find me running up the M1 on the day with a team of Doctors trying to catch me!

I knew I had scoliosis as well as scheuermann's, as you all know I have the extra small "man brain" & didn't know my measurements! Finding out the scoliosis is 70 degrees was a bit of a surprise however I am one of the "lucky" ones who has an "S" bend for my scoliosis which helps cosmetically as one curve helps cancel out the other. On the other hand my kyphosis (80 degrees) is the usual "horror" & my main reason for surgery.

Was thinking this morning in 2 weeks I'll be one day "post-op"!

Thanks again troops, your are indeed the best!

love john x

ps Interesting (or not) fact. I was worried that my main reason for surgery was cosmetic & thought this might have a bearing on them being willing to go ahead, however the surgeon said with scoliosis/kyphosis that is usually one of the main reasons & aint a problem whatsoever. I do have a fair bit of pain too though!

pps. Digital camera on the way! Brace yourselves!

5th October 2005, 09:08 AM
With an 80 degree kyphosis and 70 scoliosis, there is no way your surgery could be considered primarily cosmetic by the surgeon. Maybe it was your motivation for going through with it, but I'm sure your doctor is looking out for your pulmonary health.

Are they aiming to achieve remarkable correction, or just stabilize your spine to prevent progression (doesn't pronounced kyphosis have a high probability of progression?)?

Wow... in two weeks, you'll be on your way to recovery! How exciting!

5th October 2005, 09:36 AM
Watch out john I will be hiding on the M1 somewhere between Nottingham and Glasgow


5th October 2005, 09:52 AM
Originally posted by jfkimberly@Oct 5 2005, 07:08 AM

Are they aiming to achieve remarkable correction, or just stabilize your spine to prevent progression (doesn't pronounced kyphosis have a high probability of progression?)?

In answer to your question, they are hoping to achieve a significant correction which will be fantastic for me. Worst case they would have to go for stabilisation instead however I am totally focussing my positive thoughts on correction!

There are mixed "thoughts" as to whether or not the kyphosis would progress. I have been told both yes & no by different surgeons. The surgeon who is doing my correction reckons it would progress & could affect pulmonary function later in life.


Mark - Will have my eyes "peeled" for "dodgy tyneside geezers" when I'm hiding in the Little Chef :-)

5th October 2005, 10:12 AM
i know what you mean about thinking "this time next week..." after surgery it gets to "wow, two weeks ago i was in HDU" which is a great feeling, even if it means you're not allowed to even make yourself a cup of tea :-(

5th October 2005, 11:15 AM
Glad the pre-op assessment went well. You're lucky you have access to such an experienced team.

5th October 2005, 11:39 AM
Originally posted by zerodegrees@Oct 5 2005, 07:52 AM

Mark - Will have my eyes "peeled" for "dodgy tyneside geezers" when I'm hiding in the Little Chef :-)
Ahhhhhhhhhh but i shall be disguised John and you've just made your first mistake never give away the name of your favourite transport caf :P

5th October 2005, 11:59 AM
John- Brace ousrelves? Is this some unintended pun?

Also when I was in hospital for my other surgery, I distinctly remeber me and a friend trying to escape together, we sneaked past the nurses station at night and tried to find out, when we couldn't we treid to get out a window. No such luck, we were caught, both of us were too ill for climbing around really.

Hmmm not even having to move to make tea, don't you think that sounds nice though? For a while? All that attention? Hopefully eont go on for too long though or it will get super annoying. x

5th October 2005, 01:01 PM
it depends on your tolerance for being waited on really :D mine varied from day to day, as did my family's tolerance of my demands (though i did try my best - like if i knew they wanted to watch tv, i'd ask for stuff beforehand)

making a bid for freedom emily? i couldn't have tried that! i was amazed that the woman in HDU opposite me was trying to get up and go home - she was 90 and had broken many bones falling downstairs "i was lying there thinking wow - you feel a lot better than i do then!"

5th October 2005, 05:32 PM
All the best John
Id like to write more but these lot have covered most of it, and my boss is coming :-? lol

Feel free to PM me if u have any questions and ill try and help :-)

Glad youve got such a good veiw of it all, keep positive.