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20th June 2005, 06:56 PM
Hi all.

I got the report from Adam's MRI in the post today and was hoping that someone could enlighten me to what it means in terms of likelihood of progression or any other information that you might have about about the particulars of his spine.

It goes as follows:

There is a lower thoracic scoliosis convex to the left with what appear to be several anomalous vertebre at the level of the scoliosis, hemi vertebrae and possibly butterfly vertebra. ......The conus lies at the mid L2 level.

Does anyone knmow of any info pertinent to this, and what is a butterfly vertebrae?.

I have two toddlers trying to climb onto my lap so i must go..



20th June 2005, 07:12 PM
Hey! sorry I do not no, all I can translate is that *maybe* Adams curve is to the left at the bottom of his chest (thoracic) the rest just is too perplexing!...my letter was really simple and I think I understood it!

grr....why cant they write it in laypersons terms....we arent all clued up in medical jargon!!!

Sorry - I just wanted to add my two cents....some1 should know what it means

20th June 2005, 08:23 PM
http://www.amershamhealth.com/medcyclopaed...%20VERTEBRA.asp (http://www.amershamhealth.com/medcyclopaedia/medical/Volume%20III%201/BUTTERFLY%20VERTEBRA.asp)
I think the simplest way of explaining a butterfly vertebra is that the vertebra appears to be divided in two by a funnel like defect.
The scoliosis curves to the left and see Kimberly's congenital glossary two topics down for pics of a hemivertebra.
When do you go back to see your consultant Yvette?

20th June 2005, 09:58 PM
Hi there,

Thanks for the replies.

Abbi, i don't know why they can't do a brief synopsis in laymans terms of the findings. I have trailed through various scolisos websites trying to translate this.


We don't go back to the consultant until his 6 month check up, so i guiess that will be October. He said that there was nothing else to be done now but observation. I'll be keeping an eye on his in the meantime to make sure that there isn't significant progression between now and then but i guess as this is the way that it will be for the rest of his life, i will have to relax a little about it as otherwise i will work myself into a state between check ups wondering if we are going to be told something bad at the next appointment.


21st June 2005, 09:43 AM
The conus (or conus medullaris) is just the end of the thick part of the spinal cord. Below around L1-2 (it varies by person, so mid L2 is entirely normal), the spinal cord tapers and then splits into a whole load of individual nerves, called the cauda equina.

Hope all goes well over the next few months and the curve doesn't progress :squeeze: