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9th March 2011, 06:40 PM
I don't mean to start too many threads here, especially if they might be redundant, but I can't seem to zero in on this issue....I know the advice or experiences shared in this forum don't replace a doctor's opinion, but being that I have to wait 3 weeks for my 12-year-old to see a specialist, I could use some input.

My daughter dances competitively, though right now the only dances she's performing in are tap, hip hop and modern.. I've heard it can be dangerous to dance with scoliosis, but is that just AFTER spinal fusion? Is she at risk for injury by rolling on the floor, kicking, jumping, jerking her back around doing hip hop? Are there any stretches or exercises like sit ups that she should NOT be doing? Her curve is 15 left, 22 right, 28 left.
Thanks again! <3

9th March 2011, 06:48 PM
shes fine to dance do gym do what ever. fusions are what stop people for a while.

Mustang Sal
9th March 2011, 06:50 PM
I am no expert, but I would have thought that preventing your daughter from doing something she loves will have a detrimental effect on her psychologically. I don't think there's anything 'dangerous' about her dancing, unless she has an unstable spine that's likely to give out at any time, endangering her spinal cord, so I would try not to worry about this. At the moment, your daughter's curves are quite moderate, so hopefully bracing will help to hold them where they're at. I'm not sure how being in a brace would affect her dancing performance though - there are plenty of others on here who have danced pre and post operatively, so i'm sure they'll come to give you the benefit of their experiences :)

As you say though, these are really questions that only a specialist will be able to answer conclusively, because he or she will have things like xrays and scans at their disposal in order to draw a conclusion as to your daughter's ultimate prognosis. I would be very surprised if s/he says absolutely no dancing, although surgeons generally advise people to abstain from this type of activity for a few months post op.

9th March 2011, 07:05 PM
Thanks for the quick response. I REALLY didn't want to stop my daughter from dancing. It would devastate her. But some people warn me as if I'm risking something serious, so I was getting scared! I do wonder if failing to warm up properly could effect her spine...sometimes the instructor doesn't seem to think it's necessary just for hip hop, but their moves would definitely make ME pull something, and doing a backward somersault on the floor seems awfully hard on the back and neck! I look forward to hearing from others, and again thanks to all of you!! <3

9th March 2011, 07:13 PM
Keeping fit, maintaining core strength and flexibility is all REALLY good for her pre-surgery :) Dancing's great, it will help her and certainly won't make anything worse. Chat to her surgeon, but please be reassured, he should give you a positive reply :)

After surgery, physical activity has to be limited whilst the body heals and the fusion process takes place, but again once she has fused she'll be able to get back to pretty much everything again. Obviously you can't bend or twist the fused part of the spine, but most people get used to this and it doesn't bother them after a while.

9th March 2011, 07:58 PM

I have not read all the other replies to this, but in my opinion, you should not stop your daughter from dancing. I say this becuase I think she will feel very hurt and resent you.

Dancing is clearly what she lives and breathes for and if you try to take that away from her, even for a good reason she will not be able to understand, or compromise about it in her head.

I say this becuase my mum tries to discourage me from riding horses, and it breaks my heart that she doesn't understand how important it is to me. x

Sarah W
9th March 2011, 10:40 PM
Hi I'm definitely no expert and my daughter, newly disgnosed with a 40 degree curve only does ballet but the consultant was very positive about her ballet saying it would be very good for her.
No ballet post op for 6 months though which made my daughter sad.

10th March 2011, 03:12 AM
Thanks again for the input! I was especially concerned when I saw this on the Schroth Method website, which confuses me: "In general, scoliotics should avoid:

Bending backwards
Twisting the torso
Bending sideways
Bending the rib cage"

10th March 2011, 03:48 AM
Thanks again for the input! I was especially concerned when I saw this on the Schroth Method website, which confuses me: "In general, scoliotics should avoid:

Bending backwards
Twisting the torso
Bending sideways
Bending the rib cage"

no they say that with them no sergical methods as the premote rigid posture in thoreoy that it with straten the spine
personaly i belive that there in cookoo land

you wont find a proper doctor that will tell you excersie is bad for a bad back

unless your hearling from sergery and it need resting to heal
ifit aint causeing pain to dance it aint harming her

you let her enjoy her self

10th March 2011, 10:05 AM
Thanks again for the input! I was especially concerned when I saw this on the Schroth Method website, which confuses me: "In general, scoliotics should avoid:

Bending backwards
Twisting the torso
Bending sideways
Bending the rib cage"

I believe this is in relation to sustained yoga poses which are held, rather than dance movements in which the muscles are moving constantly. If you want your daughter to follow the Schroth Method then you may like to ask her Schroth practitioner about this (or, ask for advice in the Nonsurgical forum as there are people who have done Schroth there).

10th March 2011, 01:45 PM
Hi loving Mom. Again hugs to you, don't worry about asking questions and starting threads, we were all the same as you when we found out about our children having scoliosis. When my daughter was diagnosed, our specialist told us that the only activity that our daughter could not do was go on the trampoline. This makes complete sense because of the jarring action on the spine. He said her figure skating was fine to do and to encourage physical activity to maintain flexibility. Hope this helps. Lu

10th March 2011, 02:30 PM
Actualli prehaps I should mentoin Loving mum. Before my surgery they did not ask me to stay away from any activities.

After my surgery they told me I could do anything except, skydiving or trampoleneing.


10th March 2011, 04:12 PM
Schroth method really does recommend you should stop exercises like shoulder stand, back bend, twisting etc. These exercises will not help if you are going the Schroth method way to improve your child scoliosis as Schroth method works on the basis of going the opposite way and for example if your child's curve is to the left site, than you are trying to stretch the shortened muscles on your child's opposite site and to shorten the stretched muscles on the curve side.
It makes sense to do so but I am pretty sure that your daughter doesn't do her movements only to one side of her body so anything symmetrical would be good. If she was letís say only be doing flips to one side (if that's possible) than I would be worried. Any symmetrical exercises are actually encouraged such as cycling, skiing etc.
The only exercises I personally didn't allow my daughter to do was jumping on a trampoline and cantering on a horse.
Also, recently I read a very interesting article about swimming and scoliosis. Apparently, if your child is right handed than her right hand would naturally be stronger and whilst swimming front crawl, she would naturally use stronger power with her right hand Ė if she had scoliosis to the left side and your child is right handed, it's apparently good for scoliosis and it parallels with Schroth method where you would stretch muscles on your right side of your rib which would eventually be beneficial for you left sided scoliotic curve.
Hope it makes sense. I will try to find the article.

11th March 2011, 12:20 AM
Thanks again to all of you! While it's disappointing that she won't be able to enjoy our backyard trampoline anymore, that is nothing compared to what being told not to dance would be like. All things considered, I am definitely feeling more relieved the more you all share your knowledge with me. <3 I really appreciate it!

11th March 2011, 02:35 AM
When I did my Schroth course I met lots of young kids (pre surgery) that were extremely active and there were no restrictions on what they did apart from contact sports. But I do recall one girl did a lot of ice skating and they told her to do her Schroth exercises before and after training.

I think dancing is great (I did a lot as a child) as it does keep you flexible. :)