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  1. Surgery Update-Part 6-Surgery Report and X-Rays
  2. Bump in the road to recovery
  3. First Time Out
  4. Do you still "see" your back as crooked?
  5. I'm having a meltdown.
  6. Hello and my issues
  7. Got a second opinion...
  8. 2 Week Post-Op Update
  9. Hello again!
  10. New Person With Kyphosis
  11. Thank you Scoliosis Support - Kyphosis room!!
  12. On short notice list
  13. hyperkyphotic spine. lower back problem, xrays
  14. Weight lifting post surgery.
  15. New Member
  16. New member, may need surgery
  17. Hi Folks, new member here.
  18. Muscle Spasms?
  19. Height as a sign of curve progression
  20. Scheuermann's kyphosis vs compression fractures of the vertebrae
  21. Food getting stuck/choking feeling due to curve?
  22. Height gain.
  23. Type of Bed Mattress- After Surgery
  24. life after surgery
  25. Muscle Knots
  26. Correcting hyperlordosis, is it possible?
  27. Do you get headaches - How do you treat?
  28. Surgery date closer
  29. Can structural kyphosis be reversed?
  30. Doctor said my kyphosis and scoliosis is unreversable.
  31. Can Scheuermann's kyphosis disease be fixed? (Pics)
  32. Lies
  33. Hi there
  34. Tattoos?
  35. new member, 1 year post-op today!
  36. operation
  37. 28 degree curve progression in 4 years: Lumbar Lordosis [pics[
  38. i'm not alone
  39. Chair For People With Kyphosis?
  40. New. Need answers please!!
  41. How close were you to calling it all off?
  42. Is kyphosis enough to get kyphosis fixed?
  43. doctors not recognising kyphosis?
  44. Suicidal, my hunchback has only brought pain and lonelyness
  45. protruding metalwork
  46. Good luck Chris Notts!
  47. First opinion.
  48. seeing orthopedic surgeon tomorrow
  49. What would life be like if you didn't have the surgery?
  50. Kyphoscoliosis correction photos?
  51. In need of help/advice!
  52. Surgery scheduled for June 5th, but I'm going to chicken out.
  53. sleeping postition
  54. dislodged hook - revision surgery
  55. recovery
  56. dressing to hide kyphosis
  57. Does being overweight yield less curve correction.
  58. Scheuermann's and now apparently something new.
  59. Common causes of secondary kyphosis
  60. A new beginning
  61. Just a moan.
  62. Upper body strength
  63. New member, advice, and Kyphosis/Scoliosis X-Ray/photo blend
  64. Well, I'm going under the knife tomorrow.
  65. hyperkyphosis normal lordosis
  66. Surgery in 6 Days!
  67. Spondylolisthesis for the second time :-(
  68. revision surgery, hooks replaced with screws
  69. Some questions from a new member
  70. Surgery failure
  71. A loose screw
  72. Sneezing?
  73. surgery risks
  74. kyphosis exercises/stretches
  75. has anyone had to have their back broken in order to fuse it?
  76. latetal xray over bolster
  77. Post-op Leg Pain
  78. Can people with harrington rods do SpineCor?
  79. kyphosis curve effecting heart (and lungs)
  80. back of neck folds and do they go away
  81. kyphosis pain level
  82. babies and spinal fusion
  83. Braces - do they help the pain or slow down curve?
  84. NEW TO THE FORUMS-Introduction & Questions
  85. before shots of my back
  86. rough after shot
  87. Consultation with the spine surgery specialist
  88. better b4 and afters
  89. Surgery 14th August & I'm in need of advice.
  90. cervical lordosis due to kyphosis
  91. Swimsuit suggestions for male with kyphosis/scoliosis
  92. A whole life lived with kyphosis
  93. Scheuermann's surgery and University
  94. New member with ScheuermannŽd. - I need an advice how to deal with it, please hel me
  95. How do they determine the percentage of correction?
  96. New member seeking advice please - Kyphosis
  97. Junctional Kyphosis and traction
  98. Is lordosis not very common?
  99. Is this really the place for me?
  100. How does it feel?
  101. My Spinal Fusion photo (Warning: Contains graphic images of spinal surgery)
  102. Fingers crossed
  103. Another revision surgery September 5
  104. Second surgical opinion = Confusion and discouragement
  105. not happy
  106. Can I join the Air Force with this Degree of Kyphosis?
  107. Dont know what to do
  108. Bracing as a realistic option to correct kyphosis
  109. changing surgeons?
  110. Chronic pain...kyphosis...advice?
  111. Been asked to share my experience of surgery
  112. After surgery
  113. Scheuermann's management - hamstrings
  114. Strange Feeling
  115. Surgeon swap
  116. Provisional date for surgery
  117. Guesstimating my dad's Cobb angle...
  118. Good luck markalawton!
  119. hyper lordosis/kissing spine...
  120. Kyphoscoliosis
  121. Pain
  122. My Scheuermann's Disease story with pics
  123. new back :D
  124. Pics, back still curved?
  125. Nerve pain in my arms
  126. leg muscle pain
  127. Annoying leg and hip pain/weakness
  128. Advice prior to correction surgery
  129. Hey Everyone
  130. Will I Regain Lung Capacity After a Spinal Fusion?
  131. Should I Get A Spinal Fusion?
  132. Increasing lordosis and neck pain
  133. Video of my back/body with Scheuermann's / Kyphosis
  134. With Kyphosis 90+ degree - Nausea/Upset Stomach?
  135. A little over a year post op. 95 degree curve. Life is good!
  136. Opinions on my kyphosis case
  137. flatback feedback
  138. Neck & arm pain with kyphoscoliosis
  139. Straight Spine - Getting a Diagnosis and Assistance...
  140. physio
  141. Extreme pain that spreads to legs and arms/hands.
  142. Need some extra opinions on my Kyphosis case
  143. Asymmetrical curve
  144. My kyphosis pictures and advice wanted
  145. How does surgery change the shape of the rib cage?
  146. Second surgery for junctional Kyphosis
  147. lower back pain following fusion surgery
  148. Newly diagnosed son. Questions on bracing
  149. Conflicting doctor advice. What to do
  150. Nhs threshold for surgery and recovery time
  151. 17 months post op update.
  152. Give me some tips to fix my postural kyphosis(pics)
  153. Problems with Kidneys?
  154. Loss of cervical lordosis and other such neck problems?
  155. 6 months post-op and my muscle soreness has not gone away
  156. Weight lifting with kyphosis
  157. I can't work, forced to move back in with my parents or live on street
  158. Update
  159. It's my 12 month anniversary.
  160. Just got my MRI results :(
  161. Im sick of this life.. It will never change
  162. A year on and life is good
  163. Schuermanns kyphosis surgery help.
  164. Finally being fused :D
  165. It happened yesterday
  166. Flatback Sydrome surgery - super scared
  167. New to forum
  168. Chronic Cough and short of breath, chest pain
  169. Returning to work after fusion
  170. Is it okay to do manual work with kyphosis?
  171. Does this look like Scheuermann's disease?
  172. Echo unclear due to "lungs in way"
  173. Can't breathe but Oxygen Sats okay/Lungs so small
  174. Go ape
  175. Seeking hope
  176. Help with my kyphosis
  177. Are you happy with your operations
  178. Problems with Haital Hernia?
  179. Flatback or something else?
  180. new to the fourm,,, many questions need to be answered
  181. Harrington rod and chromium
  182. Spondy...fusion?